Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back in business

After over a month of being out a commission, I am back in business lovelies!

I am no longer a California girl - I now am a proud Virginian living in the beautiful Fredericksburg. 6 weeks ago I decided that the only way I was ever going to truly further myself and my career was to get out the job market that I was in the middle of living an hour north of L.A. and move to where I could actually get interviews and be taken seriously. I made this decision because my friends offered me a place to stay while I was getting situated and on my feet financially. After graduating with my Bachelor's in December it took me 3 months to get the jobs I had in California, and that was only because I already knew people in the companies. 

After moving out here to Fredericksburg 3 weeks ago; I already have 2 small jobs and am lined up for management interviews for a full-time position. The fact that I am finally being taken seriously with my previous work experience and education background has made this amazing and sometimes stressful journey completely worth it and all the more special to me that I was able to do it at this point in my life.

After spending 2 weeks sorting through my things and only packing my necessities (AKA - What could fit in my car and wouldn't weight it down) I came to a place where I can honestly say the little that I have with me makes me happy and is what I need and love. 4 weeks ago I woke up, loaded up my car and left everything else in storage that morning and drove cross-country.

For tonight; a small snippet of fashionable fun:

In true Olympics style, I was introduced to this piece and am drooling over it for my living room. For anyone who's a Doctor Who fan, just paint it blue. For this price, there's no reason why you can't recline in style AND get in the London spirit.

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