Sunday, March 30, 2014

I walk(ed) the line

My husband and I aren't your average couple. We got married on a whim in the courthouse a year ago. My wedding dress was lavender & cream lace, and my shoes where gold sequined oxfords while my husband wore jeans and sneakers, because honestly, why the hell not? Our honeymoon was in New Orleans with 2 of my close friends who were able to fly out to celebrate. We ran around New Orleans drinking beer and eating local cuisine.

Just like our courtship (also truly out of the ordinary), our 1 year anniversary trip a little over a week ago was fantastic. Instead of an expensive dinner or a couple day at the spa, we trekked through the Arkansas mountains, hiked to the top of Mount Magazine, had a crazy funny adventure, hung out in Memphis in a tiny bar drinking local brew and playing pool, and just all around chilled and got into unglamorous, inexpensive shenanigans.

Most importantly though, we did so frugally. We aren't rich; we searched for the best hotel deals for weeks before finding one that fit our next-to-nothing budget. We saved and pinched to get out of this state for our special day. We didn't have a lot of money, and it was the best, just us, the open road, and doing silly things that don't cost a dime but make every moment a million times sweeter.

 Being in two states at once never gets old.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how you live your life, as long as it makes you happy then that's all that matters <3 comment-3--="">

Friday, March 28, 2014

DailyCandy Says Goodbye

I've subscribed to an amazing lifestyle/fashion company for over 4 years now, and tonight while checking my emails, I read one of the saddest emails in existence- DailyCandy is shutting down for good on April 4th.

The funny, smart and amazing dream-worthy team that brought us the latest in fashion, food, music, etc, will be no more after 14 years.  I looked forward to my DailyCandy emails every week, and I loved every word they wrote. Their emails always made me smile, and their holiday sales were the stuff of legend. I satisfied many a brand-hungry friends for next to nothing thanks to their amazing discounts and free shipping codes. There was never a pointless email in the bunch - I would know, I've saved them all since I first started subscribing. I have an archive of every moment throughout the years, my favorites highlighted like my secret stack of magazines spanning the last 3 years sitting neatly in my closet.

DailyCandy was just that - my "sweet" fix, whether it be the latest sale to drool over, the latest workout to try, a great acoustic version of a great song, or just a fun outfit idea, those women knew how to  satisfy our cravings, without the extra calories.

They will be sorely missed <3 p="">

Thursday, March 27, 2014

And the most ethical company is...

Good morning! In case you haven't heard the news yet, the Ethisphere Institute has named their most ethical companies for 2014, and one of our favorite fashion stores is their #1: H&M! There were only 3 retailers on the list this year, and H&M made it! The huge fashion retailer takes it's spot on the top of the list due to it's categories of excellence:

1.) Ethics & Compliance

2.) Reputation

3.) Leadership & Innovation

4.) Corporate Citizenship & Responsibility

5.)  Culture of ethics

While I love H&M and have heard nothing about good things as far as working for them, it's interesting to me that the requirements for being #1 don't include production/manufacturing standards. With that being said, H&M is making leaps and bounds by creating a "Conscious Collection" for their stores that includes recycled fabrics coupled with organic/sustainable textiles.

These aren't your grandmother's Woodstock threads; these are a cool conscious collective of modern and chic, while helping save the planet too.

How do you feel about H&M being #1 for ethics? Do you agree with the Ethisphere Institute's decision?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fashion Trucks the way of the future?

I love food trucks, how about you?

For those of us that live in/near a city that has them, we know the joy they bring; carrying unusual and delicious food items to our businesses on lunch when Subway and Panera have become old hat. While many of us know the joy of those fantastic-cuisined food trucks, not many of us have heard of Fashion trucks. However, for the lucky citizens of Houston TX, fashion trucks are an expected and anticipated sight. In Houston, instead of choosing which unusual foods to sample, residents get to choose which stores to sample during their Fashion Truck Festival. Instead of ordering a Ramen Burger, residents get to order a size 8 pair of Marc Fisher stilettos, with a side of Coach sunglasses of course. 

This idea is a fresh and fun way to engage shoppers and get them excited about a store. Instead of shoppers having to drive from one shopping center to another, having a Fashion Truck Festival allows shoppers to view multiple boutiques without the extra travel time.

Selling out of a vehicle isn't a new concept by any means, but having a collective of stores putting together a bloc party on wheels is a really great way to get people excited about the exclusivity of the items that are being offered.

Here are some of my favorite Fashion Truck pictures. Maybe if this idea is brought to your local boutiques enough, they'll start a Fashion Truck Festival in your area too!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Paris Fashion Week Sensibility

I'm sure as you all know, Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2014 happened just a few weeks ago, and every designer brought forward amazing and unique collections for this year. From everyone who showed at PFW, I've become seriously obsessed with one line in particular line that was a bit out of the ordinary - APC. APC's line was out of the ordinary in the sense that their line was absolutely, positively, undeniable wearable. Don't get me wrong, every designer's line that's shown is wearable in some way, shape, or form, but APC's Fall 2014 line speaks to everyone in a way that you can wear it to Girls Night Out, then to dinner with the husband's family, and then in to the office on Monday morning.

APC designer Jean Touitou brought forward a versatile and perfect collection that will fit easily into anyone's wardrobe. What's even better is that this line will still be this wearable next year, the year after that, and even 5 years from now: these pieces can still be worn and will still be relevant. The best part of all of this; the main color is navy. Almost all of the collection consists of one of my favorite colors, which only makes it that much more perfect.

APC Paris Fashion Week

These are some of my favorite looks from the collection, and the makeup completes every look with a very late 80's/Joan Cusack from "Working Girl" look that feels so current.

"Women are supposed to seduce other women, not men, with their clothes" - Jean Touitou

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lifestyle Inspiration

 These are some images I have been obsessed with lately; I hope they brighten your day as much as they brighten mine. They make me want a road trip to anywhere new and unexplored. Stay young lovelies <3 br="">

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras everyone. Stay safe <3 br="">