Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kaleidoscope Heart

Good evening lovelies! Tonight, I want to bring you one of my favorite singers that I am absolutely in love with because of her unique voice, writing style, and style. She has a very relaxed, sweet style that I feel like most people will love and can wear very easily.

Sara Bareilles

Style Icon

Sara has a style that never overdone and always perfect for her; she feels so spot-on yet entirely relaxed and confident in everything she wears. She seems like that cool, older sister of your best friend that you just want to around all the time and raid her wardrobe. She is effortless and cool, so tonight i decided to bring you an outfit that I thought seems so Sara, yet so affordable for us all.

Steal Sara's Style

$50 or less


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Juicy and sweet!

Hey gorgeous people, I hope everyone is doing well this lovely evening. For those that are experiencing the heatwave going on right now, take shelter in some shade and hopefully a place that has air conditioning too! One really great way to beat the summer is to have an excellent bag to make others just melt with envy. A really hot trend on the scene right now is orange bags, so tonight I'm going to bring you a few gorgeous purses for you to tote around your fan and ice-cold beverage in.

Hotter than the sun

$50 or Less

A very feminine but still functional bag to carry around all your summer essentials, and the little flower detailing is just adorable and pops nicely against the clementine shade.

Perfectly sweet with a vintage feel and a cool little twist lock to keep your possessions safe. The colors are fun and oh-so juicy.

The coolest bag ever because it's orange, it has fringe, and it has studs. Can you get more summer cool? I don't think so.

The perfect price for a perfectly adorable wristlet that also plays on the fringe trend, while being a sexy shade of orange.

Here's a fun new song to help you feel cool in the summer heat

Nothing is hotter than Pitbull, and they sing about rain; you really can't lose.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Political Confidence

Good evening beautiful people. Tonight, I am dedicating this post to all you sexy men out there doing your thing in the political/pr field. Call it inspiration from all the political hub-bub that's been going on recently, and all the politicians looking so sharp. I want to bring to you tonight an outfit that is cool enough for you to up and present your side of the argument in while still feeling confident and collected.

 Political View

$50 or Less

Total: $51.45

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

L'Chaim: $50 or Less

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are having an amazing week so far. Tonight, I want to talk about something that not many people shed light on I feel: dressing for synagogue. For those that don't know, synagogue is the Jewish church. Instead of meeting Sunday mornings, we meet Friday evenings for a few hours. or later Saturday mornings.

There are a lot of articles and blogs devoted to church dressing for Christian and Catholic churches, and even Mormon churches, but I have yet to see one talk about stylish synagogue dressing. That's why this evening, I'm going to bring you some kosher fashion.

Now, I'm not sure how it works with Christianity or Catholicism, but in the Jewish faith, there are different "levels" of how you practice, if you will. There's Reform, which is very very relaxed. At the Reform synagogue I was going to back in New Hampshire, our Rabbi was gay. He and his partner were adorable. In the Reform temple, that's allowed. In any other level of Judaism, not so much. Next, there's Conservative, which just means your pants can't have holes in them and your tats can't be showing (One of the main reasons why I choose to stick to Reform). Next, there's Orthodox/Ultra Orthodox. Last, but not least, since this is the most religious way to practice, is Hassidic. Hassidic are the ones you see wearing suits and peyes (The curls on the side). The women wear long sleeves and long skirts even on the hottest of days, and the married women wear their hair under a wig or hat if they so choose.

The younger generation has found some really interesting ways around it: by wearing really adorable berets and i even saw one woman with her bangs showing. That doesn't seem crazy, but in that world it is. I've even seen the younger generation wearing knee-length skirts with tights and boots. It's very heart-warming to see modern fashion mixing with tradition.

As a modern Jewish girl, I am the Reform of the Reform. I dye my hair, I have piercings and many tattoos. I love it, and it doesn't change my faith.

Since I have moved recently to an area that there is a Reform temple within a decent drive, I have decided to go back. As a Fashion Marketing & Management girl, it's not just going to be basic for me; it can't be. I have to show my personality which still respecting the temple. It's very important to put together an outfit that shows youth and personality. Tonight, I'm going to bring you an amazing outfit for temple for only $50; now that's Kosher!

Temple Dressing

$50 or Less

** One thing you must always remember: DO NOT show all of your cleavage, and if you want to wear a short dress YOU MUST wear tights underneath. I don't care if it looks cuter without them, you're going to temple, not a party; be respectful**

This dress is a very easy option; I always feel very confident in black. The neckline goes low, but not too low. You're still covered, and you have your arms covered as well. If you opt for a sleeveless dress, it is preferred you at least use a short-sleeved sweater or jacket to cover your upper arms. I have to since I have tattoos on both of my upper arms; I can't go sleeveless even if I wanted to.


This is adorable and works on almost all body types and the color is very flattering and easy to wear, and easy to accessorize. Just because you're going to temple does not mean you can't get your accessories on. Don't feel like you can't wear prints to synagogue; you can wear prints, just nothing like skulls or flames or devils or anything of that particular nature. Just use common sense really.

I ALWAYS opt for short-sleeved dresses because I get warm very easily; so i cover my upper arms but i'm still cool enough to not schvitz to death during service.

These come in black as well, and they're adorable. They'll go with anything, and you'll look very stylish during service.


If you haven't already noticed by now; the 2 shoe options are close-toed. I choose to wear close-toed. You MAY wear open toed if you so choose, but it's only acceptable for Reform & Conservative temples. When you start getting into Orthodox, don't even go there. You can still rock stylish close-toed in the summer, trust me. I do it often. Don't worry, you'll look stylish.

This is just adorable and will work with both dresses, both shoes, however you want to wear it.

If you haven't already noticed, I did not put in purses. That's because purses don't really matter. So long as your butt isn't hanging out, your boobs aren't on full display, and your upper arms and somewhat covered, life is grand. You can bring a canvas knapsack if you so choose, doesn't matter.

Total(s): $46.67/$40.77/$51.79/$46.79

It doesn't matter which way you pair these outfits together, you are still getting a very appropriate, and adorable, synagogue outfit that works for almost every body type and every skin color.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Dating in the city

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all enjoyed the amazing ending to the Harry Potter series; the Deathly Hallows part 2!! It was very well done and they all looked lovely as they ran from He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Tonight, while I can't make you look like Hermoine, what I can do is bring you something a bit better and a little more helpful. As a single girl in a new city, I've been on the dating scene a bit. What I've learned is that honestly, you can think that a date will go one way, and then the night will take you in a completely different direction. The important thing is to be prepared for whatever the date, and night, may bring. That is why I have put together a full-proof night-to-morning outfit so when you walk that walk back home, you at least look great while doing it.

When you go out to the club in that short, skin-tight dress and super high heels to get a man, you look amazing and sexy. Now put that outfit at 9am when you're walking back home and your heavy eyeliner is smudged. Let's be honest, that outfit in the daytime screams "walk of shame". One of the most important things that I've learned over the past month about planning a date outfit is to be prepared. You may end up walking home the next morning, and trust me, you want to be comfortable and still look great while doing so. You want your outfit to seem like you're going to meet a friend for coffee, or go to work or go to class. You want it to seem effortless.

I read an article recently that stated to think like a single girl; carry condoms, a toothbrush in your purse, etc. I won't lie that the toothbrush is a really excellent idea, even if you choose not to spend the night with someone. Condoms, that's up to you. What i'm going to show you is an outfit that will work for almost all body types, and take you from night to day very effortlessly.

Walk the Walk

$50 or less

 This dress is adorable and works for any body type, and has short-sleeves. so if you're like me and want to feel comfortable when taking off the jacket, you definitely can and still look adorable. The color is beautiful and the cut is feminine, but still gives you room to breathe and move around, which is very important. You ALWAYS want to be comfortable on dates. When you're comfortable, you're happy, and when you're happy, it shows and makes you look radiant.

Every girl needs a nude trench in their wardrobe simply because it goes with everything. The cut is very feminine and flirty and works with any outfit for any occasion. This really works for any body type and especially with the dress because it offsets the feminine lace of the dress and keeps the outfit feeling very modern and classy.

These shoes are awesome to dance in and walk home the next morning in because of the fact that they're flats, but the print keeps them from being too stuffy. They add a large dose of attitude yet are still subtle enough to not overpower the rest of the outfit.

Accessories: Ok, so accessories can be whatever you would like for this outfit. If you choose not to wear any and hair up in a bun, you'll look amazing. If you choose to pile on the baubles, Kesha-style, you'll also look amazing. This outfit is truly a blank canvas for you to use your imagination and show your personality without looking overdone or like you're trying too hard. 

Purse: Your purse can be a small clutch, to a large boho bag, to a small shoulder bag. Whatever you love, doesn't matter the design, doesn't matter the color, it will work with this outfit. The colors and prints are neutral enough and space far enough apart that they will not clash with whatever you choose to pair. It's fun to mix prints, and it's fun to mix neutral colors. Whatever works for you and your style, and if it fits a toothbrush, deodorant and a few condoms, that works too.
Total: $52.80

Yes, this outfit is a little over $50, but this outfit works for pretty much any date because you look cute, but are comfortable and warm in case you decide to go walking. It's important to keep in mind that dates can bring spontaneous things that you might not forsee normally, so it's good to wear that jacket and wear those comfortable yet cute shoes that will make you willing to walk more, cause that could lead to more time with Mr. Awesome.

Recommended Dating Items for the Purse

1.) Breath mints/breath strips
2.) Toothbrush/Floss (They sell mini ones at any drug store that can even fit inside a small clutch)
3.) Phone charger cable (My IPhone dies pretty quickly; this is optional if your phone is the same way)
4.) Condoms (Absolutely optional: I do not carry these, but I can see where it might come in handy to have them)
5.) Body lotion (I carry a small bottle of Lubriderm on me at all times. With many tattoos and perpetually dry skin, I am constantly moisturizing. It also comes in handy when you shower at someone else's house and they don't have moisturizer to use. I experienced this this morning; thank god for my Lubriderm or my skin would've been the Sahara desert)
6.) Hair elastic/bobby pins 
7.) Mini stick of deodorant (It is very easy nowadays to find mini versions of any deodorant. Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. Even organic deodorants are very small and fit easily into most purses)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Good evening lovelies! Alright, so, I know i am a bit behind the times, as Katy Perry's adorable "T.G.I.F" video debuted about 2 weeks ago. I just found it today and fell in love with the video. There are so many amazing cameos in it, and the style is amazing! Today, I'm going to bring you Katy Perry's makeover outfit after she goes to the party and Rebecca Black transforms her from geek to geek chic.

 Katy Perry's T.G.I.F. Outfit

While Katy perry's outfit in this video is amazing and loos fantastic on her, not all of us have her body, or want to wear that to work or to hang out. I've found a really excellent outfit that can work for wherever you want to go with the same look Katy Perry put in her video. It will make all the men go....

$50 or Less


Outfit Total: $51.00

And THAT lovelies, is how you have a T.G.I.W!!!

"What's that...lost boy doing in your bed?"

Hahahahah, Cory Feldman!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

In the dark

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July week and are fully recuperated, haha. I know that Wednesday I brought you the fabulous Will.I.Am's style, but tonight in celebration of her new video, "In the Dark", i am bringing to you one of my favorite style icons, Dev.

This singer made her start the good ole' fashioned grassroots way; promoting herself on Myspace and performing everywhere. She is a tough, cool chick with a wardrobe that is just as loud as her personality. Her music is fun and clever, and you can't help but smile when you see her do the same. She is amazing, and if I had her body I'd dress like her and then some.

She got her start in Vegas, so there's a great deal of the city's attitude in her style, but she also draws a great deal of inspiration from her Portuguese roots, and it shows. Her style, feminine punk with earthy touches shows her lack of fear in mixing and matching. Fearless, like Portuguese style.


Booty Bounce

Her play with proportions is amazing and makes you want to look as effortless as she does. Part punk, all cool.

Yeah, no explanation needed.

Comfy cool with a major dose of attitude.

I'm not a smoker, but damn does she make it look cool.

Vintage punk, like Grease with a major dose of modern attitude.

Arizona punk.

"In the Dark"

Dev's blog

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Style Spotlight

Good evening lovelies! I know that I try to incorporate men's style and fashion into this blog often, but I know that there's not nearly as much as the women's section.Tonight, I want to showcase a guy that I love and I feel like has amazing style. Men, take note,'s style is not for every guy, but it never hurts to take a note or two from him and push the boundaries with your own funky, unique style. His style has been evolving every since the beginning of the Black Eyed Peas, and he never misses a beat!

I also have a major crush on him because he and I both share a dislike of wet sinks. Yes, wet sinks. When someone can't be bothered to wipe down the sink after they use it. It's one of my biggest pet peeves, his too, and that's why he's awesome. Also the fact that he wore studded oxfords.


Male Style Icon

The epitome of casual cool.

Studded oxfords = instant punch of personality to an otherwise dapper and simple suit.

Rocking dreads or his funky shorter hair, he knows what works for him and owns it.

Futuristic sexy. Easy as pie.

Confident cool with a twist of prep class.
As I said, his style is very future-forward and he is not afraid to take risks, which sometimes gets him criticism. I personally feel he can do no wrong style-wise and he is always spot on with whatever he wears. He owns whatever style he's rocking and that's the most important thing about any style lovelies; confidence! If you feel good in what you're wearing, it shows, and it makes your outfit that much better.

He is not only an amazing musician, but an all around cool guy with an even cooler wardrobe.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th Forever

Hey lovelies! In celebration of tomorrow, I'm bringing to you some very affordable and adorable 4th of July looks. Just add sparklers!

The 4th

$50 or less

Look #1


 Total: $48/$38

Look #2


Total: $45.96/$45.80

Look #3

Red Corsage Pumps: $18.00


Guilia Shoe: $25.00

Total: $45/$38

Kelis "4th of July (Fireworks)"