Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Contest Winner

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all have had an amazing 2 days since my last post, haha.

The contest has officially ended! I am proud to announce that the winner of my contest is the miss Valeria Mera.

This is her fantastic photo of a few trends that she liked she liked.

"And there you have it, my summer outfit for shopping, lunch with the girls, or a casual date at the beach"

In this outfit, miss Valeria shows not just one, but multiple trends with the breezy scarf around the neck, the adorable shorts, the crisp white button-up(always a spring classic), and the floral-print on the purse. Great job Val!

Yaaaaay Valeria!

Now, on to some awesome deals!

Awesome online deals

40% off of everything today! QUICKLY PEOPLE! RUN!

85% off of Hes Halles and FREE SHIPPING.
Yes, FREE SHIPPING! Under $50 and FREE SHIPPING. Is there anything better?

One of my favorite looks/trends/awesomenesses in general

I have this slight theory that I was meant to be an 18th century pirate. I've always had a penchant for sailor-inspired pieces, as well as very vintage, older pieces that have the feeling of being heirlooms or antiques. This is why when I found these pieces the other night, I nearly flipped my lid.

Victorian Style Marie Antoinette Ring: $16.95

Unique Peacock Tear Cameo Ring: $28.00

Steampunk Ring Black diamond Swarovski Crystal Ring: $45.00

This one is just very funky, yet still has that antique feeling with the black diamond and the unusual piping.

Dusk Sailing Czech glass ship ring: $17.00

Snoopy red baron upcycle ring: $9.00

Ok, so this one isn't vintage or sailor-esque, but it's SNOOPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Thank you all for entering lovelies! I hope you have an awesome week!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Awesome Things

Good evening lovelies! I do apologize about not updating last night; amidst the chaos of my boyfriend's nephew's 6th birthday and my laptop deciding it wanted to take a nap instead of let me install necessary programs updates, I forgot.

Tonight will be a quickie. Sometimes a quickie keeps things fresh.

Tonight, I will bring you some awesome coupons/deals/awesome things I have found.

Coupons/Deals/Awesome things
$50 or less

20% off next purchase code - welcome1013

20% off next handbag purchase code - 20HB

Friends & Famly 25% off next purchase code - APRFF

Awesome Stuff to Check Out


Civil Smith - Awesome, casual, fun apparel
Tejana - Gorgeous jewelry that needs to be worn

I just discovered this literally while typing the previous paragraph of this post. AMAZING BOOTS! OH MY GOD I WANT THEM!................NOW!


Also, LiaMolly is having a sample sale at for up to 45% off. This is the website for it:

Really gorgeous, adorable clothing at very affordable prices with this sample. I recommend checking it out before it ends on Wednesday!!!!!!

Don't forget lovelies, the contest ends Wednesday! Make sure you're sending me your pictures so you can win the awesome prizes!

Also, just as a fun little thing completely unrelated to fashion; Jamba Juice is having $2 granola Wednesdays! YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS! I'm not a Jamba girl, but I'm a granola girl, and I will salute to $2 granola!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Men's Corner

Good evening lovelies! Tonight would've officially ended the contest, but I just realized I wrote the wrong email address in last week's post! I'm so sorry lovelies! Because of that, I will give you all another week who didn't have enough time, and for those of you to re-email your entries to to the correct email address. The one I provided is my main one, and most likely your entries went to the spam folder.

The correct email address is: Make sure to put in the title of the email "Trends & Contests".

Sorry again lovelies! I just realized my blunder tonight as I signed in!

Tonight though, I am giving props to the men by showcasing some of my favorite men's swim suits for $50 or less. Now, I know it's very limited with men's styles. It's essentially short or long board shorts and different prints, but I'm bringing you the coolest prints, as well as some funky swimming tops too!

Men's Swimming Trunks

$50 or less

TYR Peace & Harmony Trainer: $31.95

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Clearly, this woman is on crack, cause those are some short shorts." This is true. They are, but men, these shorts are AWESOME! I wish I saw more men with confidence enough to wear these. I see guys with awesome bodies wearing baggy clothes and ill-fitting board shorts. STOP IT. I know this is more like a leap outside of your comfort zones rather than a step, but I'm telling you, confidence is sexy, and these shorts scream confidence.

TYR Alliance Team Poly Splice - Male Splice Square Leg: $41.00

This is a more comfortable middle length for a swim bottom. Men, please step out of your comfort zone. I've never seen a guy with bad legs. I know that you have appearance complexes too, but you're always telling us that we're beautiful no matter what, so men, try these shorts, cause you're awesome no matter what.

This length of swim trunks is the most popular one. This is definitely the comfort zone, for all men. I see all guys, all shapes and sizes wearing this length. This is why I chose a fun and funky print. Men, I see you wearing stripes and plain colors all the time. Step it! WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! SHA NA NA NA NA NA!

Men's Swimming Tops

Tommy Bahama: Bali High Tide T-Shirt: $38.00

This, which it has no specific design purpose, is Tommy Bahama, which means it's excellent quality, it's going to look amazing on, and is just all around perfect for the beach, or swimming, or just looking casually sexy in. Yes guys, you can look sexy too. Deal with it.

Oakley Square O Rashguard: $42.00

This fantastic top is specifically designed against heat rash, which I personally wish they would make more in women's styles. I wish I was one of those lucky people that never gets heat rash, but I always do, around my neck too. Ok Oakley, make some cute rash guard tees for women please!

Dakine Guys' L/S Off Shore Rashguard: $42.95

For those of you that are into a bit more protection, this long-sleeved version provides excellent protection against the harsh UV rays, and is very stylish as well. Might be a bit warm, but hey, no pain, no gain!

And there you have it lovelies! Remember, you have an extra week for the contest because I'm silly and running on 3 hours of sleep after having been going for nearly 24 hours.

How do I do it you ask? Willpower. Sheer willpower. Oh, and lots of tofu.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swimsuit Edition - Women

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all had a fantastic week. Mine was filled with friends, fun, and homework, as always.

Tonight, I have a special post for you all. One of my good friends and I were talking the other day, and she expressed her frustration at the lack of affordable, cute swimsuits. This is one frustration I share 150%. Being a bigger girl too, it is ESPECIALLY difficult to find cute suits within an affordable price range.

This is why tonight, I will bring you some of the cutest suits I've found for $50 or less
Swimsuit Edition

$50 or Less


Animal Splash Monokini: $19.80

This swimsuit truly caught my eye. You don't necessarily have to have the perfect stomach for this. All you really need is some nice love-handles, and even if you have a little tummy, it'll be camouflaged by the print and the way it's cut. Genius. And, it's all once piece! You don't have to worry about mixing and matching! YAAAYYY!!!! Swimsuits for the lazy girls!

Billabong Gabriella Bikini Top: $19.99

This print is just awesome. For all you girls out there that can rock this itty bitty teeny weeny string bikini, you suck.

Billabong Gabriella Bikini Bottom: $19.99

Roxy Running Wild Reversible Bikini Halter Top: $16.99

The print on this is just fierce, and will make a strong statement. I feel like this particular swimsuit top looks like it gives more support, so if you girls are like me, and just...blessed on top, this is definitely for you. Nothing like a halter to hold up the girls.

Roxy Running Wild Bikini Tie Bottom: $16.99


Merona® Women's Floral Print 2 Piece Swimsuit - Black/Purple: $39.98

This you will probably see me rocking down by the water. I like short bottoms or skirt bottoms purely because, well, I have thighs. My upper thighs, no matter how hard I work them, they are persistent and hold on to me like no other. Skirt bottoms camoflauge any upper thigh problems, make your butt look bigger, and are just all around cute. Tankini tops are also my very bestest friend because I have a tummy. Tankinis are the perfect solution to someone who wants to be covered up while swimming, yet still look damn fine. Besides, this suit is just damn cute. Purple and black? GENIUS!

Not to worry to all you men out there! Wednesday, I will do a special blog post for you guys showing the coolest men swimsuits so you all can go out in style with some cash still left in your wallets!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trends & Contests

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all have had an amazing week!

In celebration of Donna's amazing news of getting put in WWD, I'm doing a special contest in her honor.

Not to worry lovelies, I know the last contest was very confusing and I apologize for that. This one is very fun and easy, and the prizes are fantastic!

The lovely Donna is giving away these lovely prizes to the lovely winner:

Retail Value: $32.00

The lucky winner will receive this belt in brown.

Sulu Bracelet

Retail Value: $16.00

The lucky winner will also receive this belt in brown to match the fabulous belt.

These pieces are excellent for the summer, with a breezy dress or a cool pair of shorts and a t-shirt. These will go with anything and look stunning and chic, and totally beach-appropriate.

Easy Breezy Beautiful Contest

Yes lovelies, this contest is fun AND easy!

In my previous posts, I've spoken about the predicted trends for this year, the trends for the season, the trends for body types, etc.

All I do is talk, talk, talk! I'd like to hear from you all about what YOU like!


All you have to do to enter the contest is take a picture of a trend that you really like, love, your favorite, or maybe one that you just saw that caught your eye. It doesn't have to be one that I've mentioned previously in my blog, it can be any trend!

It can be a picture of something in a window, something someone else is wearing, or even something you love wearing and you just wanted to snap it.

The clearer the picture, the better for you! Once you have a clear picture of a particular trend you love, just write about why you love that trend, or why it caught your eye, or why you feel comfortable wearing it, etc. Just support the reasoning behind choosing that trend.

You don't have to write a whole 5 page essay (Please, for my sake, between school and work, don't >.<), but I will say at LEAST 2-3 sentences as to why that is the trend you want to show me. The purpose for this is because: Whoever has the best persuasion will get the FANTASTIC belt and bracelet combination, but I will also showcase their trend for $50 or less in the following blog post.

All entries must be sent to:

The contest starts now and ends in exactly 1 week, on Wednesday the 21st. All entries must be emailed to me by midnight on the 21st.

All entries MUST INCLUDE:

- First and last name
- A clear picture of the trend you have chosen
- A written explanation of why you like that trend or why I should showcase it.
- Your home address

I will notify whoever wins the day after the contest ends and I will ship the prizes the following Monday if shipping applies to the winner.

Go lovelies, go go go!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Betty Belts in WWD!

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing week! My new quarter started and I went up to my mothers to help Donna Von Hoesslin, the owner of Betty Belts.

Betty Belts is a retail and wholesale establishment that sells to retail stores all over the country, and also has it's own retail location in the lovely Ventura, CA.

Donna started Betty Belts in 2003, named after beach betties and the surf culture she loves, lives, and breathes on a daily basis. Everything that Donna sells is either hand-made in Bali by local artisans or by community artists that sell through her store. All of the products are made from recycled or organic materials. She donates a percentage of her profits to organizations that are dedicated to the beautification and preservation of our communities and beaches.

I adore Betty Belt's products because I can wear them and have confidence from knowing that I am supporting the community and high-quality, hand-made products. These are the kinds of accessories that we should be wearing, not the stuff made in sweatshops in China.

The reason why I am bringing up the wonderful Donna and Betty Belts is, not only because I worked for her this past week, but because her accessories have been chosen to be used in Women's Wear Daily. Yes, you read correctly, on April 21st, accessories and jewelry from Betty Belts will be featured on the cover, as well as in a 4-page spread in the magazine.

Make sure to check it out April 21st!

For now, I will bring you some of my favorite things from Donna for under $50

Betty Belts for under $50


Shawn Ovals Cuff: $34.00

The last time I was up at Donna's store, I still had some credit left and I decided to use it. I got a black version of this bracelet, thanks to Donna's urging, and let me just say, I get compliments every time I wear it. It goes with everything, and lends a nice dose of cool without making it impossible to pair it with other jewelry.

Lotus Earrings: $48.00

I bought these for my mother and she wears them all the time. They go with EVERYTHING. Yes, my mother is a hippie, but she also has a bit more of a more east-coast, mature style. These earrings are not just for the youngin's, they are for everyone, and look great on every individual with every style. I borrowed them for one of my funky outfits and they worked, and they also work with my mother's Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts and jeans. These are just wonderful, period.

Simple Sea Glass Necklace: $48.00

I am more of a statement piece girl, I will admit this. The bigger and bolder, the better. I would wear a live peacock on my head if I could manage it. I got an amazing, massive sea glass pendant from Donna, and every time I wear it, i will get people oogling it and asking me where I got it and how they can get one. Trust me when I say, everyone should own at least ONE amazing pendant made of sea glass. It will compliment every outfit, dressy, casual, retro, modern. Sea glass is timeless. Period.


Lines Leather Unisex Cuff: $34.00

The thing that I truly love about Betty Belts is that they not only have things for women, but also for men. The men's pieces aren't boring, but exciting and modern, yet still very wearable. I bought my boyfriend a wallet made of recycled hemp from Betty Belts and he uses it all the time. Men, look no further, no matter your style, Donna has something for you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The figure-friendly 6-pack

G00d evening lovelies! Tonight I am leaving for Ventura, but before I leave, I shall bring you all some lovely things!

I was reading online and found a recent article about 6 trends that you should invest in. I feel like these trends are very accurate for the summer, since I'm seeing them everywhere.

For tonight's post, I will bring you wallet-friendly versions of all of these trends all right here, so look no further!

6 Trends for $50 or less

Trend #1: Breezy Scarf

Feel like wearing something like and airy, yet don't feel like toting along a little sweater? The breezy scarf is the answer to every girl's accessory dilemma. Throw one on and watch as your outfit is transformed from cool to envious.

Staring at Stars Shimmering Oblong: $9.99

Antique Scissor Scarf (Hollywood Pink): $32.00

Trend #2: Fedora

Hats are awesome. There's no other way to put it. A cool fedora is a cool way to get shade from the sun and wear a cool accessory.

Polystraw Fedora Hat-Pink: $9.99

Floral Printed Trilby Hat: $44.00

Trend #3: Neon Watch

I don't wear watches, but if i did, it'd be one of these. Definitely the Mario or Flamingo one. Ooo, that pink would go with my green dress....

Super Mario Watch: $3.99

Too Late - Watch in a jar: $15.00

Flamingo Pink Retro Style Watch: $23.00

Trend #4: Bright Handbag

These are super fun and definitely not for the timid. They make a bold statement and the perfect accessory for any outfit. It's all about the bag.

Teal and Purple Sequin Hobo Bag: $11.98

Whitney Handbag in Neon Pink: $30.00

Trend #5: Nude Heels

These are absolutely essential. A pair of nude heels goes with EVERYTHING. If you think "I don't have any shoes that will go with this" yes, you do. Nude heels. They elongate the legs and make them look slimmer. Trust me, you'll need a pair eventually.

Liliana Kathy Round Toe Pump: $21.80

Unlisted by Kenneth Cole Secret File Pump: $49.00

Trend #6: Classic Trench Coat

This is a very important trend to invest in. A good trench can be the cherry on top of the cake and pull together any look, no matter how many different trends you're wearing at once.

Marseille Stroll Light Trench Coat: $46.99

Twill Trench Coat: $39.80

Until Sunday lovelies!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bring in the Vampires

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are doing ok after the earthquake for those that are down here in Southern California. For those of you that aren't in Southern California, be thankful you didn't experience a 7.2! That was very interesting experiencing my first earthquake.

Tonight, to kick off April, and the start of The Vampire Diaries again. (A few weeks late, but better late than never, right? =P) Every time my boyfriend and I watch an episode, he always mentions how much he loves Stephen's style (A character in the show) and how much he wishes he could dress like him. He told me when we go shopping now, he wants me to dress him just like Stephen.

Soooo, tonight, I've decided to create a Stephen look-alike outfit. His style is very tailored to him. His clothing is very well-fitting, very bold, yet in a very subtle way. His brother, Damon, takes more of the fashion risks and wears more edgy clothing. Stephen has a very strong style and wears a lot of darker colors, but likes to throw in patterns and things from time to time. He dresses with a timeless air to him.

The Vampire Diaries Character


Stephen Look-Alike Outfit: $50 or less

Total: $50.36

And there you have it lovelies! An excellent outfit just like the character you swoon after on tv week after week! =D