Monday, June 28, 2010

Fair Trade, Fair Heart

Good morning lovelies!

This past weekend, I had the extreme fortune of being able to attend the OB Street Fair. This major street festival happens only once a year, and it includes enough food, local vendors, and beer tasting stands to make your head spin.

While I was there, I came across a stand with lots of beautiful, hand-made beaded accessories. When I saw the man running that stand had a Red Sox hat on, I immediately geared my bottom over to him and started talking. Turns out, he, and the other woman running the company, are from NH and have been out in San Diego for many years. They started their business, "Shkaala" several years ago and have been growing ever since.

Shkaala donates 5% of their profits to the artisan communities, and everything sold is hand-made by "over 150 Mayan women from Guatemala". Each individual has been personally met by the owners themselves more than once. It is very safe to say that this company is Fair Trade, and one of the best places to buy from in my book!

This brings me back to my days at summer camp, where the dragonflies seemed to be of monstrous proportions and all the colors of the rainbow. All the beautiful dragonflies, where do they all come from.....

Kids and Larger Lizard Bracelet: $10.00

This is just the sweetest thing, and would look amazing on kids, teens, young adults, adults. This would look adorable on everyone.

Black and White Beaded Evening Purse: $40.00

This is absolutely stunning. Anyone can wear this bag. This has a very boho city-chic feeling to it that is just amazing. It's very easy to wear, yet the beading makes it really special. I think this is one of the coolest purses I've ever seen.

There you have it lovelies, fair trade at affordable prices! This world just keeps getting better!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comically Inclined

Good evening lovelies!

Today while I was hanging out with my friend Valeria, we were watching some vintage Dane Cook, circa 2003. I love vintage Cook, well, really anything from Dane Cook. His stage performances are amazing, but I couldn't help but notice his fashion choices. Yes, it was almost a decade ago, so, it's excusable, but then I started looking at the other comedians out there now, circa 2010.

I can honestly say, I understand the concept of a "signature look". I understand that the clothing is part of the onstage persona that comedians wish to project. I can't help but lament whenever I see another up-and-coming sauntering onto stage wearing a track suit. Unless it's part of the act, leave the workout gear at home boys! Instead of being able to focus on your act, I can't help but wonder "Did he run a triathlon before the show?".

Putting the track suit, and all other fashion atrocities aside, I understand that while the clothing helps, it should add, not subtract from the act. For those that don't want elaborate Gaga-esque costumes or music instrument props for their shows, I recommend sticking to trendy yet comfortable separates that exude a subtly cool, confident quality. (Even if you just threw them 2 minutes before you got on stage)

Cool Comedian

Take 1

Shaun White Gridlock V-Neck Tee: $5.24

A.) This shirt will look good on every guy, and it's subtle enough that it won't overpower you, but it's cool enough that it adds to that "cool and confident" persona. B.) It's $5. You have to think about this? Really?

These jeans will look great on every guy, big or small. They're that perfect in-between shade of denim that is cool, relaxed, and perfect for bouncing around on stage (and still looking cool enough to get those numbers after the show)

Robert Wayne Trim Laceless Canvas Oxford: $24.94

Canvas Oxford slip-ons. Oh yes! This color will go with everything in any man's wardrobe, and still look cool without trying too hard.

Total: $50.17

And now you're ready for your next show! Knock 'em dead!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Good evening lovelies! I hope you have all had a marvelous week and beginning of summer.
I am back in Ventura after going for over 24 hours straight without sleep to drive to JFK, fly to Burbank, and take a train to Ventura. The entire ordeal was very similar to the classic "Planes, Trains & Automobiles", minus the awesome-ness of John Candy and Steve Martin.

While I was in New York, I shopped. Yes, I found some amazing deals. Like a Romeo & Juliet dress for only $2, and a beautiful long-sleeved plaid button-up for only $3. Yes, I found gorgeous rings from Pier 1 for only $1 each. While I found all of these amazing deals, the most influential thing that I came across was my mother's copy of "The Gospel According to Coco Chanel".
I brought my own book to read on the plane & train rides, but being the book worm that I am, the book I brought lasted all of 1 train & plane ride. The plane ride back was spent sleeping, but by the time I got to the train, I was wide awake. That's when I saw the book sticking out of my mother's carry-on. I snatched it up since she was busy devouring magazines, and I began to read. Within 3 hours, I had completed the book. It took everything I had to put it down when we had to get off of the train.

Miss Chanel is famous for her simplicity with style, her strong opinions, and her never having married. I do desire to marry, my strong opinions are not always spoken, though always thought, and my style couldn't be further from "simple".

Yet I found myself fascinated, frustrated, and utterly enamored with Miss Chanel. She was not an easy woman to deal with, but she was one of the smartest women in history. (My own personal opinion)

That is why, while I may be the opposite of everything she ever stood for, liked, and even tolerated, I find myself observing fashion, personal style, and overall confidence in a whole new light after reading "The Gospel According to Coco Chanel". This is exactly why I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who likes to read.

Whether you are Anna Wintour's assistant, or you own 1 pair of jeans and 1 tshirt and don't give a crap about what you put on your body, this book will make you stop and think, and not just about clothing. This is a must-read.

Also, during Fashion Week in Sao Paolo, Brazil, it was apparent that somebody's a Gaga fan. While this designer's model strutted down the runway in this hat only a few days ago....

Gaga sported this look months ago.

And with that, until Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A woman's best accessory

Good evening lovelies! I am heading to NYC for a week on Saturday, so I will not be posting until next Sunday night.

All today I was trying to think of a very "New York" outfit to bring to you. All throughout my finals today, I kept asking myself "What is it that makes a new york outfit a new york outfit?"

I asked myself "What accessory?", "What shoe?", "What purse?", "What wardrobe basic is seen everywhere is quintessential New York?"

Then, I realized it's not an article of clothing, a piece of jewelry, or even a pair of beautiful pumps. No, it's nothing you wear, but something you very much own.


Everywhere you look in New York, women and men are walking with confidence. It could be a brown paper bag and a pair of sky-high platforms, but the confidence makes it desirable. The confidence that a woman owns and wears is beautiful, and it is unique to every person, but it is there. The confidence is oozing from the concrete sidewalks littered with the latest fashions and unique styles, and it is there that that confidence, rising from the ground, makes everything it touches quintessential New York.

The thing about the confidence there that makes it difference from, say, the confidence in L.A. or Chicago, is that the confidence in New York is infused with just a dash of attitude. It is a beautiful, powerful thing that can not be bought in the stores or made on a machine. It is something that comes from within, that comes from that place deep down inside that yes, you might be wearing a Gaga-esque outfit of nothing more than a bra, skirt & cape, but you know what? That bra, skirt & cape combination is awesome, and you rock it! The attitude comes from knowing that confidence and owning it.

So, tonight I'm not going to tell you go to buy this, or look for this sale here, or watch for that sale there.

Tonight, I'm going to tell you, that you can buy all the clothing, shoes, and accessories in the world, but you can't buy confidence, and confidence is truly, all you need to look your best.

So when you're looking in the mirror and wondering if you look good, relax, you look amazing. Own that confidence, and it will make you shine.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Drop Dead Delightful

Good evening lovelies! Drop Dead Diva has finally started up again! For those that watched the season premier tonight, you know about the awesomeness that I speak of.

In light of the premier this evening, I will be re-creating one of Jane's looks from tonight, just for the occasion! If you watch the link I've posted below, you will see a clip of Jane wearing a lovely yellow ruffled top. With that top, she wore a waist-cinching black belt, black pants, and lovely black shoes. She also matched it with an awesome black purse. That is the outfit I will be re-creating tonight.

I love that show.

Jane's Look

For Le

Yellow Sweet Ruffled Neckline Ruffled Dress: $19.99

The amazing thing about this dress is that it A.) Already comes with a black belt and B.) Can be worn with or without pants. The hemline is work appropriate.

Merona Rachel Pant: $14.99

These are, of course, any wardrobe staple.

Black Leather Purse Handbag: $4.99

A $5 handbag that goes with everything. Can a girl ask for more?

Women's Faux Leather Sandal Flats: $9.99

These are absolutely perfect for summer, and are still, in my opinion, nice enough to wear to work. Don't forget to paint those toes!

Total: $49.96

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nail-ed it

Hello lovelies! I hope you all are having an amazing week so far and are enjoying this awesome weather!

While I know that I am not a makeup pro, or even somewhat close, I do understand that fashion and makeup go hand in hand. A great outfit isn't complete without a touch of lip gloss or some blush on the cheeks. One thing that is constantly overlooked though in both the fashion and makeup industry: nail polish.

Now, don't get me wrong, there have been a few mentions of the hot nail polish colors for the seasons every now and again, but how many articles are there for the latest blush and eyeliner trends as compared to the latest nail trends? The contrast is staggering.

While nail polish is viewed by many as just purely makeup, I view it as an accessory as well. How much more amazing does that outfit look with that bright blue electric pop of color while your fingers rest against the fabric? How much more polished do you look with the clear sheen of pearl while you fix your shoes?

Nail polish, while seemingly simple and miniscule, is actually a very powerful detail and overlooked accessory in the everyday outfit. While I am very big into nail polish, I have a problem that is actually not that uncommon: dry nails. They're so dry, I can paint my nails at night, wake up the next morning and they'll already be half chipped off. It's a frustrating situation and I had nearly given up even painting my nails with a clear top coat, until a couple of months ago when I found my nail savior:

Zoya nail polish.

Zoya was the first of it's kind; the first long-lasting toxin-free natural nail polish. Zoya has since revolutionized the nail industry, and given people like me hope again for fun-looking nails. The best thing about Zoya is that it's actually about the same price, usually less expensive, then its competitors; Sally Hansen, Priti, Honeybee Gardens. Believe me when I say, I've tried them all, and ALL of them, except for Zoya, chipped off within 2 days. Zoya didn't start to chip until the 6th day, and that's on my uncommonly dry nails with me doing dishes, housework, etc.

Zoya Nail Polish

$50 or Less

"Creamy": $7.00

When I was in high school, neons and crazy designs on my nails were my thing, but the maintenance time on my nails every other day just got me to the point where I didn't even want an attention-grabbing color because the chipping would be noticeable. Since discovering Zoya, I've had my eye on this color, and I truly believe that this will be my summer color from now on. While this yellow is bright, I feel like it's actually a neutral, and it will genuinely go with everything because it's sunny, yet not too overpowering.

"Neveah": $7.00

Because of my eclectic tastes, I've had it happen where the nail polish I was wearing either was too matchy-matchy with my outfit, or clashed horrifically. I've become a MAJOR fan of more neutral, easy colors so I'll never be too matchy-matchy, yet my nails will always work with whatever wardrobe mood i'm in that day.

"Miley": $7.00

This color is so beautiful and so feminine, and just a really lovely, light color. I feel like this could be worn any time of the year and go with every style. This color is a lovely complimenting color. It will never overpower your outfit, it will always compliment it.

"Ashley": $7.00

This is soooo gorgeous. A really rich kind of magenta with a hint of eggplant, just really royal. Darks are most definitely neutrals too, and for those looking for a color, but a dark, this is a really excellent way to go. My big thing is looking for colors and palettes that can work with any style and darks like this are perfect for that. And yes, you can wear darks during summer as well. I have seen black worn during summer and it totally worked.

"Yummy": $7.00

This is another color I've had my eye on. It's a hint darker than robin's egg blue, but it's still this very beautiful, neutral, almost vintage-feeling blue. I imagine puffy white clouds against blue skies of this color, frilly dresses and sweet summer drinks by the lake. This blue is warmer than most blues, which I think is what makes it so attractive. It's definitely an easy color to wear, for anyone of any age.