Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amazing Autumn Scarves: $50 or Less

Good evening lovelies! I hope your weeks are going well so far. Tonight, I'm going to bring you one of my favorite autumn accessories; scarves! I think scarves are one of the most fun accessories out there, and I own far more than I actually ever wear. Then again, can you ever have too many?

$50 or Less


Very tough, very cool, very chic. It makes me thinks of gangsters, but very cool trendy gangsters. 

Just like its name, it has one of my favorite things on it, and it happens to be one of my favorite accessories. Everyone needs a cupcake scarf.

 Just the most adorable and chic scarf/neckwarmer i've seen.

Beautiful, subtle, perfect for any outfit. And at $14, it's a serious steal.

The coolest hippie scarf I've ever seen, and the fastest way to take any outfit from ordinary to traffic-stopping.

(Preview of Product Review for next week)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Product Review Soon

Good evening lovelies! Tonight will be a short post.

I simply want to remind everyone to read my blog in a week and a half for my product review!

On Wednesday's post I will show the products I will be reviewing. I will also be bringing more fall accessories!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn's colors $50 or Less

Good evening lovelies! I hope your week is going well and flu-free! Tonight, I have decided to bring you all a little bit of autumn. I know that not everyone lives in a place where the leaves change colors, and for those that do, it is a beautiful treat. I used to live in a place where the world was a kaleidoscope of colors during autumn, and every year around this time I get terribly homesick for pumpkin patches, woolly sweaters and hot apple cider. I also miss waking up to seeing a world so full of colors that it hurts my eyes.

While I now live in a place that's nowhere near as colorful this time of year, that doesn't mean we can't show our autumn spirit in other ways!

Autumn Colors

$50 or Less

Just the perfect shade to capture the still lively leaves as they cling to the last bit of summer left.

The yellow matches the yellow/orange leaves perfectly as they float to the ground from a strong gust of breeze.

   I want to go trick-or-treating so badly it's not even funny. I can feel the chill in the air and the warmth of the sun on my face as the last bit of summer leaves for the oncoming winter.

Possibly the sexiest way to evoke the reddish color that is seen on leaves when the yellows and oranges have grown dark and given way to the orange-red that is so beautiful against the dark green grass.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Artist Appreciation: $50 or Less

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing week, and none of you were sick. This week almost everyone I know (including myself) came down with a terrible cold. Thank goodness for vitamin c and lots of hot tea with honey! Also, Carrot Cashew Ginger soup. Sounds disgusting; tastes delicious.

Tonight, I am going to bring you some of my favorite artist's clothing and accessories. Next week though, I'm beyond excited because I have been given the opportunity to do another product review from the fantastic They're an online store that also had a warehouse in Boston that sells everything from shoes to end tables to Tupperware. They're incredibly diverse and everything they sell is an amazing find.

 Artist Appreciation

$50 or Less

An adorable t-shirt supporting one of the best bands of all time. As far as band tees go, this is honestly the most adorable tee I've ever seen.

I will never stop loving Billy Joel for as long as I live. His music is part of my life, part of my natural train of thought. He is a classic and still as thoroughly modern as Lady Gaga. Without the costumes.

Mr. Mraz is one of my favorite musicians hands down. I've seen him twice now, and one of those times was for free. He is an amazing humanitarian, an amazing musician, and he happens to grown avocados up in North County. Not that I've ever driven up there with the hopes of catching a glimpse of a fedora amidst the trees or anything...

A.) Their song "I heart California" is probably one of the catchiest songs you'll ever hear. B.) Who doesn't heart California?

Not many people I know know who M. Ward is. He is an incredibly talented musician with an unforgettable voice, and an unforgettable way of writing. "I used to feel like California/ with baby eyes so blue/ now I feel like Carolina/ I split myself in two"

The first song I heard of The Kills was "U.R.A Fever", and to be honest, I still have that song stuck in my head. Their beats are hypnotic and their sounds is unique. Besides, who can resist amazing buttons such as these??? Everyone needs funky buttons in their wardrobe. 

And unfortunately, though I couldn't find any clothing on the indie darling's Diane Birch's website, I was able to find an interview that Free People had done with the lovely Miss Birch, and the link is below. Oh, I love her style!!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hunt & Gather

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are doing wonderfully on this hump day Wednesday! Tonight, I want to shed light on a fantastic store that I found on my birthday.

About a month ago, I received an email Groupon for a store called Hunt & Gather in University Heights. It was $10 for $25 worth of stuff. I of course bought it in a heartbeat and saved it until my birthday to go and find something pretty. What I found was the most amazing store that I want to live in, and something so unique I don't think I'll be lucky enough to find one again.

The store was started in 2009 by the clothing designer husband & wife team of Zoe Crenshaw & Lee Reynolds.

They have vintage music, clothing, accessories, shoes, things from local artists, it's enough to make me want to set up a cot in the back and live there; truly. I had SOOO much fun digging through everything and I found the most amazing piece ever. There was so much, and always so little time for everything. Next paycheck, I will be making a visit back there, for sure!


Odie Suitcase: $24.00



Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thrift Addict's 1 year anniversary

Good evening lovelies! For those that don't know much about the beginnings of Thrift Addict, I created this blog last year as birthday present to myself. I was sitting around going "I know I'm good at finding deals and sharing it with people, and I know I'm good with putting together outfits for people, I need to do something with this!" That's when I decided to create Thrift Addict. With some spare time the day before my 21st birthday last year, I created this blog. I realized yesterday during my 22nd birthday that it had been a year; so tonight, I am celebrating creation, of my blog, and others.

One of my best friends in the whole wide world, one of the best people that I know, one of the few people that I can laugh with into the night, the lovely and talented miss Valeria Mera, has FINALLY created her own blog. Miss Mera is a talented fashion designer who will soon be moving back to the beautiful NYC to make her mark on the world like only she knows how. For those that can't talk to her in person like I can, there is her blog to read and admire:

Fashion Re-Cycled


There is also the incredibly talented, incredibly intelligent comedian who goes by the name of Mr. Justin P. Drew. His blog has been around for a bit longer, so I am a little late in honoring it, but better late than never right? He is a genuinely funny individual, and I'm certain that everyone will agree when you go to his page and watch his acts. He also supports his friends who are also very funny comedians by putting their acts on his page as well. I could spend all day watching the acts on his page, and I'm sure you will too.

Justin P. Drew is a comedian


And of course, the lovely and talented miss Kimberely Burnett. Miss Kimico is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, and one of the people I've known for the longest time. She is one of my closest friends and another individual I can laugh with into the night. She rocks, and I'm sure once you read her personal and professional blogs, you'll agree.

Blogs from those I don't know

Then there is the fantastic video blog which got miss Mera inspired, as well as a little help from myself, ;]. This is a fantastic video blog on youtube. I adore them because they're always coming up with amazing ideas and featuring amazing artists.

And my personal favorite, Once Wed. I have spent hours on this site because it gives you ideas, not only for your wedding, but for every day things. It's absolutely amazing and adorable and honestly one of my all-time favorite blogs.

Once Wed

This is an amazing blog with a very gritty feeling which adds to the coolness of how the photos and information is presented. I love her vision of the world and the beauty. It's definitely a fantastic read.

GOOP is a site ran by the beautiful, talented, and oh so fantastic Gweneth Paltrow. I'd like to know how she manages to raise her children, keep her marriage alive, act, run her blog, and stay stunning. She's clearly a robot, or just never sleeps. Gweneth got a lot of heat for creating this site and there were some very nasty things said. Everything negative can just go poo poo itself.

While I find myself being quite good at being able to do a celebrity look for less, this site has it down to an art. This is a fantastic reference point for any trend, any look, any time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday Best $50 or Less

Good evening lovelies! Tis the season of the Virgo, and that means my birthday happens to be this coming Saturday. I have nothing planned for this Saturday other than checking out an amazing-sounding jazz festival going on by me.

At lunch today though, I was talking with one of my coworkers and she mentioned that she's going to a show Friday night. I mentioned it was the night before my birthday, so I had nothing planned other than to relax. She so graciously invited for me to come along with her to see this amazing band play downtown. To go to a show in downtown from work requires a bit of planning as far as the outfit goes, this is why I've created my perfect Friday Night Birthday Outfit that can go from day to night in the blink of an eye.

(Thanks to the lovely miss Thuy, I now am the proud owner of the beautiful dress form "Margie")

Friday Night Birthday Outfit

$50 or Less

Shoes: Free (Gift from mother's friend)
Jacket: Free (gift from mother)
Tank top: $10 (Camarillo Calvin Klein Outlet Store)
Skirt: $5 TJ Maxx (Last Wednesday)
Belt: $1 Baras Thrift Store
Necklace: $2 Nordstrom's Rack
Ring #1 (Small): $30
Ring #2 (Big): Free (Exchange for work) (Betty Belts)

Total: $48

The reason why I chose a clutch is quite simple: we sit at work about 98% of the day and we leave our purses at our cubicles right next to us. This clutch is actually decently-sized and will carry everything I need for the daytime and evening since I always end up bringing my lunch. My water bottle and extras can always be left in my car. The kitty heels are actually very comfortable yet very cute for walking in the office to walking downtown. The jacket is perfect for the office, yet easily comes off once in the club.


20% off of 2 items
30% off of 3 items

Code: 2OR3