Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Review: Mario Badusco Seaweed Night Cream

Does your skin change season to season? 

Mine does and it's been especially noticeable over the last few years as I've been getter older. A few months ago when the spring started slowly turning over to summer here in California I began to notice my night balm was unfortunately becoming too heavy to use. Night by night it ever so slowly started to create more pore clogging and an overall appearance of just being too heavy for the warming night time weather. 

One morning when I woke up and saw my face looking like a clogged and greasy mess, I decided that it was time to purchase a lighter night cream. That night I went online and began looking for a cruelty-free and hopefully more organic version that didn't make me have to chose between groceries or good skincare. Enter scene Mario Badusco's Seaweed Night Cream. After an hour and a half of searching products and doing research on each company and item, I decided to give this one a shot.

 I was first attracted to the price due to the fact that it was over $15 less than what I've paid before for other creams. That $15 can pay for a month of my Petit Vour box. However, as I've learned from fast fashion stores and accidental knock-off purchases, a lower price doesn't almost mean it will be better. I was equally excited and nervous the day it came in the mail, and for some reason I had envisioned it looking like a gel. However, this is no gel, this is a beautiful cream. The color alone made me smile when I opened it - it has a shimmery quality to it that makes it look like a Makeup Geek eyeshadow I own.

Color aside though, it has no distinct smell and feels highly nourishing to the skin without being greasy or clogging. It's a night cream that's fast-absorbing and just feels good, even for the hot desert environment I live in.

One of the reasons it might feel so lightweight despite it being a night cream is because it's oil free and according to the company's website contains "Elastin, Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid combine with the vitamins and minerals found in Bladderwrack Extract".

Elastin and collagen are ingredients commonly found in anti-aging products, so not only am I using a more organic, cruelty-free product that my skin drinks up and loves, but I'm also getting a head-start on preventative measures against signs of aging. This cream is now my favorite warm-weather night cream and once you try it I'm sure it will be too. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2 Spray-On Makeup Brush Cleaners, One Review

With a new-found steam to the detoxify my beauty/skincare products, I've found myself wanting to make sure every aspect of my life is at least cruelty-free while working towards all of my beauty/skincare being vegan too over time. This led me to realize that my MAC makeup brush cleaner is something that needs to go since MAC isn't truly cruelty-free, not while they're selling through mainland China that requires animal testing.  

As someone who's tried numerous different kinds of brush cleaner before, I was excited to branch out and see what high-end AND drugstore had to offer since I'm lucky to have access to both on a daily basis. 

My first top was Target, and there I picked up the only labeled brush cleaner in the entire store that the Target employee knew of, which happened to be cruelty-free & vegan: ELF cosmetics brush cleaner.

At first glance this seemed like a 100% winner due to the fact that you get 2.02 fl oz for only $3. My wallet was rejoicing. However, my immediate reaction when I first sprayed this was "oh dear god what I done". The scent of this brush cleaner alone is enough to make me dry heave. This cleaner smells sickeningly sweet and not in the good way, almost like decaying fruit rotting in mid-summer Louisiana humidity. Aside from the scent though, it worked on my powder brushes quite nicely. Both real and synthetic haired powder brushes were sprayed, gently massaged to work the cleaner through the bristles, and then wiped on a clean paper towel until the leftover product was gone. The end result was a set of powder brushes that were clean but unfortunately had an awful lingering scent that made me cringe the next morning when I went to use them. For my liquid foundation brush though, this did nothing. It knew nothing therefore did nothing...Jon Snow. 

I used 1/4 of the bottle trying to clean my liquid foundation brush to no avail. Spray cleaners seem to work best for powder brushes. While this worked nicely for most of my brushes, I can't continue to use it. Smelling that scent every time I clean my brushes will send me to an early grave.

When the ELF version didn't work I inspected every cosmetic counter at Macy's until I found another spray brush cleaner, this time from the company Origins. I thought that Origins was cruelty-free until I accidentally stumbled across an article stating that they sell through mainland China. 


For this brush cleaner you get 3.4 fl oz for $14.50, which is more expensive than the MAC cleaner. I was a little disappointed, hoping that I would get more for the cost, but I was still hopeful that it would blow me away. My immediate reaction when I first sprayed this was "Thank god it doesn't smell like the ELF one". This cleaner has the slightest organic scent that is on the verge of heavenly. Using this one on my powder brushes though wielded very different results. Instead of becoming squeaky clean, they remained the same color they were from my powder products, except they just stopped depositing color on the clean paper towel once sprayed. Following the same process: Spray, massage, wipe, repeat until clean....well, there never was a truly "clean" state.

To be honest, this cleaner didn't really do much appearance-wise for my brushes. They felt softer, conditioned and sanitized, but they still looked very dirty, which leads me to believe this didn't get a lot of product out. It might've just sanitized the product that was left in there.

Final Verdict


I am still on the hunt for an effective cruelty-free and hopefully vegan brush cleaner that is less messy and time-consuming than shampoo & water. 

I won't rest until I find it, I just might stop to take snack breaks in-between. And maybe a nap or two.