Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday: All the best

Hello all you lovely holiday shoppers! I hope your waistline didn't expand too much on Thursday and that all your turkey sandwiches and green bean casserole leftovers also aren't nap-inducing. For those of you that aren't passed out now from all the noming Thursday and insane bargain shopping Friday, take a second to plan out your holiday shopping for tomorrow, Cyber Monday. This time shopping will be much easier as instead of having to go to any stores and wait online, you just go on your regularly-scheduled 15 minute break at work,  go to the website, click + click + credit card = done with your holiday shopping!

For those that didn't know as well, you don't always have to go to the stores to participate in Black Friday: I slept in Friday, went online, and did the rest of my holiday shopping without ever leaving my living, or my pajamas for that matter. Remember lovely, beauty sleep is important! And so is your sanity!!! No need to fight the crazy crowds when you're just a few clicks away from shopping sanity.

Sunday Steals

40% off bags & accessories. Code: HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY. Ends 12am Monday morning. Free shipping, both ways, no minimum. 30% off coats: Ends Monday.

40% off of all pillows and throws.

Last day 30% off + free shipping, no minimum.

50% off: ends tonight!

Cyber Monday Magic

Extra 25% off throughout the entire store and online. Free shipping on all orders; no minimum.

Free shipping all day. Jimmy Choo & Tart: premier sales.

Free shipping on all orders $100 or more.

Free shipping on all orders over $25. Contest to win $5,000 to shop with at website.

30% off everything.

Off Saks Fifth Avenue/

Extra 25% off everything in the store/Extra 50% off of clearance/Extra 40% everything online.

Free shipping on orders $50 or more. Extra 50% off of all sweaters, dresses & suits for men & women.

50% off of your highest-priced item. Code: RDFRIDAY

Free shipping on all orders $25 or more. Code: SHIP25.All bras: buy one, get one one 50% off. Code: DOUBLEUP. $25 off of $150. Code: 25OFF150. 20% off of any single clothing item. Code: CLOTHING20.

25% off of everything. Get $15 for every $30 you spend.

Everything in stores and online; up to 60% off. Free shipping on orders $50 or more.

50% extra off of clearance in stores & online. $25 off of $100. $10 off of all loungewear. 50% off jackets & outerwear. Free shipping. Code: FREESHIP4U

Free shipping, no minimum. 10% off your order.

25%; free shipping on all orders over $65. Code: BLCKWKND. Free shipping. Code: BLKFRI.

Free shipping, no minimum all weekend long.

$2.99 shipping; free shipping on orders $25 or more. 20% off order. Code: BF2011

Free shipping ends Monday.

Free shipping. Code: TGIVING.

Various stores are having free shipping and percentages off until tomorrow. Go to Etsy & search "Free shipping" or "Black Friday Deals" to find the best Etsy has to offer!

Free shipping on all orders $50 or more

10% off of $49, 15% off of 99 & 20% off of $199.

Get $5 for every $25 you spend.

$15 off $74, $30 off of $149, $50 off of $199. Code: CYBER

Free shipping until tomorrow.

50% off of any boot purchase. Code: 50BOOTS. Free shipping on all orders, no minimum.

50% off all boots. Code: 50BOOTS

Free shipping on orders $50 or more. Buy one get one free

Free shipping on orders $40 or more.

25% off + free shipping, no minimum.

20% off sitewide.


Free shipping. Code: CANDY34

25% off of order. Code: GIVING25. Free shipping on order when you sign up for emails.

20% off sitewide.

Free shipping. $20 off any order.

And THAT lovelies, is your guide for doing your holiday shopping tomorrow/today! Remember, it's in YOUR best interest to get the most in the least amount of time while traveling the shortest distance. If you can buy presents for your friends and family in less than 30 minutes all without leaving your desk, then you're better than everyone else in those crazy crowds and lines!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Vampire Diaries

Hello all you beautiful people out there; Happy Twilight Weekend! For those of you who saw the movie the opening night; YESSSS! For those that haven't had the time yet, not to worry, I'm here to help you look every bit the stylish Twilight fan you are, without going overboard of course.

Twilight Time

$50 or Less

Not a necklace or t-shirt kind of a gal? Earrings are the perfect way to show your support in a chic and feminine way without going overboard, and you can wear them any time afterwards as the designs are lovely.

Team Jacob? Now you can show it! This is the best deal yet, because you get to wear a beautiful little picture pendant of your favorite werewolf. There's a he-wolf around your neck, open up and let him in.....

Need to write notes at work? Want to take notes for your Twilight fan novel? This beautiful moleskin notebook will be your best friend and make you look smart, and chic for having such a beautiful notebook on you.

A gorgeous little pendant necklace with lots of personality, without going overboard. The colors will make this go with any outfit, and the charms make it the only necklace you'll need.

These beautiful little pendants are perfect for the Twilight premier, or any time really. They're subtle enough to wear everyday, even to work, and also at the premier, Twilight fans will know exactly what you're wearing, and will want a pendant too to go with their Twilight gear. 

I love the different phrases they've come up with the "Keep Calm" t-shirts, and this one is no different; very clever and the color is lovely. It will stand out nicely but in the non-tacky way.

Alright fans, time to get your Edward and Jacob fix!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Threads

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had the most amazing weekend and is now gearing up for some turkey and mashed potatoes! Yes, in exactly 10 days we will all feast and then go into a food coma for the rest of the evening. Today, as I was having some computer issues last night, I want to bring you some really fun different Thanksgiving outfits for a couple different scenarios you might encounter, as well as some tips for countering the urge to overstuff yourself.

Thanksgiving Threads

$50 or Less

Outfit #1

Most houses/places I've been to for Thanksgiving are heated so wearing a t-shirt and skirt inside the house isn't that odd for Thanksgiving. Also, you'll eat quite a bit so that will make you feel nice and warm and toasty.

This skirt is perfect for eating all the green bean casserole and turkey you want without showing it and still looking super cute. This laid back outfit is perfect for hanging out with friends for dinner, and afterwards if you want to go bowling or go play pool. 

I recommend wedges such as these to offset the billowy-ness of the top and skirt; you do need some structure to help pull it all together.

Total: $40

Outfit #2

Adorable jacket you can wear unbuttoned inside if you're still cold, or take off to reveal your sweet dress underneath.

Just the sweetest little fancy dress for meeting the parents in without going overboard. Any shoes will work with this outfit: boots, flats, sandals, sneakers even. Anything really works, save for bright orange high-tops. Then we might have a few problems.

Adorable belt; the perfect color to contrast with the dress and help cinch it in to show off your waist. 
Total: $42.80

Outfit #3

Throw this on and you're set. This outfit is the perfect outfit for a casual dinner with the family or friends, or you can dress it up with funky shoes for meeting your beau's family for the first time.

This adorable vest will look so lovely over your skinnies and sweater, and heaven forbid you get a bit of a turkey pooch, the billowy vest will help with that until you're finished digesting.

Cords always look amazing, and wearing tighter clothes will make you more conscious about eating so much. When they start to get too tight, that's when you know you need to lay off the mashed potatoes. Consider it double-duty skinnies. You can wear ANY shoes with this outfit: flats, boots, heels, anything goes with skinnies.

Total: $45.00

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Versace for H&M + Online deals

Hey lovelies, for those that have been online in the past week or so, and even those that had living under a rock the past week have heard about the Versace for H&M line that debuted last night in New York City. From the line, I decided to bring you the best from the line that's the best for your wallet.

Affordable Versace

$50 or Less

Online Deals
$50 or Less

40% off of all coats, today only! Code: COAT40

Friends & Family 30% off. Code: Friends

40% off of all outerwear & accessories.

20% off of a clothing item or a pair of shoes. Code: PICK20

Buy one, get one free.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cool Coats: $50 or Less

 Hey lovelies! I hope for everyone who just went though midterms that everything was smooth sailing. If any of you are having weird weather like we are here, then below are some fun jacket options for you. One day it's sunny and warm here, the next day it's cold and rainy and biting. Because of this bipolar weather, I've decided to outfit you, just in case.

Cool Coats

$50 or Less

Fun and funky, and warm to boot!

Considering the fact that this jacket was originally $108, and now it's only $20, you'll find a reason to wear this jacket. There's always a reason for a seriously marked down piece as gorgeous as this one.

Absolutely adorable; very lake house with a fireplace roaring inside.

Very New York City in December with thick clothes, red lips, and snowflakes falling around while cradling a warm coffee in your hands.

Fun, on-trend, and perfect for these cool winter nights.

I suddenly have the urge to go to an English garden and have tea by the fountain. Pair with red lips, loose waves and funky boots for a fun and put-together look.

Adorable and practical with a touch of rough feminine flair.

 Sugary sweet and perfectly put together with red lips and an updo.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Watch Yourself

Good evening lovelies! My original plan had been to bring you some pieces from the K-Dash line at QVC in light of recent Kardashian events. So, I was looking through the Kardashian line last night and realized it sucks, majorly. Everything was over-priced and just didn't seem worth anybody's time. As much as I respect the Kardashians and their fashion sense (You have to admit, they always look so well-put together) I just can't bring you anything from them. Maybe next season, maybe.

Instead, I'm going to bring you something else; watches. Now, I am not a watch girl by any means. I've never liked them, ever. My mother gave me a very expensive Diesel watch that she won and never wore (It wasn't her style); I gave it away just same since I don't wear watches. The only time I can remember wearing a watch is as a small child; I had a purple one with glow in the dark stars and moons. I think I only wore it because of the stars and moons.

While I was checking my email this morning, I stumbled across a sale on some watches that made me nearly trip over myself; I'm in LOVE.

Watch Yourself

$50 or Less

These beautiful watches are ALL from La Mer at . This absolutely stunning collection caught my eye immediately because of the designs; these aren't your grandmother's watches! (Although vintage jewelry is very much so on-trend) The designs from La Mer are fresh and fun, and make you feel like you're wearing a really beautiful bracelet that just happens to have a watch face on it. 

They have classic silhouettes as well, and everything is $55 or less on sale right now. This sale ends in 24 hours, so I really and truly recommend heading over to Ideeli right now and snatching up a watch before they're sold out.

For all you hippie chicks out there, now you can keep track of time and still nod to your earthy side. This is  one of the coolest watches I've ever seen because it really toes that line between watch and bracelet effortlessly.

 So rough and tough and perfectly chic!

One of the prettiest colors for any bracelet, watch, or any accessory made to date. If you favor more of a classic silhouette, this is more your watch because it's smaller but it still has a wow factor because of the color and the band.

This is the perfect combination of lady-like and tough; I can see Lady Gaga wearing this watch.

Effortlessly cool; put this on and you don't need any other bracelets on that arm. I'd feel like I'm wearing a cuff and then realize that I can also tell time while I'm at it. Maybe I should start wearing a watch after all since I always seem to be running 10 minutes behind....

Other Fun Ideas

$50 or Less

Gumbi's favorite accessory.

I'm watching you, and the time too.

Modern vintage: right on time.

Boho yes!

ASOS Retro Style Heart Watch: $17.97


Internet Deals

50% off of all sweaters

$5 off at checkout: 483178900509