Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's resolution

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are excited and ready for tomorrow evening.

Tonight, I have put together a TON of goodies for you.

Tonight, I have the 3 of each of the hottest dress styles for $50 or less. I have also put together a few outfits using a few of the dresses for $50 or less.

Hot Dresses

$50 or less


Side Tie Striped Tunic Top: $13.80

Circle Sparkle Dress: $13.49

Slouchy Pocket Dress: $19.99,price&navCount=78&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=SALE_W_CLOTHING&popId=SALE_W&prepushId=


Pink Lace Overlay Dress: $15

Strapless Ebony Dress: $20.98

Red Ruffles Layers Tube Dress: $30


Natalie Plaid Jumper: $14.99

AE Ruffle Chiffon Dress: $24.95

M- Butterfly Front Rose Dress: $25


Polka Dot Chiffon Halter Dress: $27

ASOS Contrast Body Halter Dress: $20.40

Max C Metallic Spot Halter Dress: $13.60

One Shoulder

Single Shoulder Strap Dress: $25

Charm Animal Print Dolman Dress: $9.99

Grey One Shoulder Jewel Dress: $30

New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

$50 or less

Outfit #1

- Halter Dress: $13.60

- Black Bow Bag: $24.99

- Matiko Zolie Gun Pewter Flats: $10.25

Total: $48.84

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

- Dress: $13.49

- Tights: $2.99

- Denim Slingback Wedges: $8.24

- Victorian Rose Fringe Purse Beige: $24.99

Total: $49.71

There you have it lovelies! I hope I gave you some wonderful ideas for tomorrow. Remember, be safe! <3

Monday, December 28, 2009

After-Christmas sale goodies

As promised lovelies, here are some pictures!

I hope you all were able to get to the sale at Urban Outfitters this past weekend. Everything was 50% off, including already marked-down sale! It was AMAZING!

These are the goodies I picked up at Urban Outfitters.

Ozzy & Deena Suede Wedges: $5

Really Cute White Tank: $2.50

Awesome brown belt: $5

Perfect Summer Skirt: $5

Total: $17.50

This is why it is ALWAYS best to wait until after-Christmas sales lovelies. These are just a few of the goodies I was able to snatch up amidst the hustle and bustle of Urban.

Tips for after-Christmas sale shopping:

- Now that it's past the weekend, things should have quieted down a bit at the malls, but most people still have this week off.

- STILL leave about 20 minutes early to get to and from the malls/stores. If you have extra time, so be it, more for you.

- Don't get grumpy when you're waiting in line. People are returning presents. Just breathe. Text a friend, bring a magazine, do what you have to, but I warn you, lines will be longer at this point.

- Set aside time to dig. Sometimes you find treasure in the first 5 minutes. Sometimes it takes 2 hours. Don't be stingy if you want to find a great deal. It took me almost an hour at Urban to get those amazing deals. The line to purchase, the line to try on, trying them on, finding them, etc. DO NOT be stingy with time if you want a great find! (I'm sooooo copywriting that)

- Other than that, enjoy the treasures that await!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Website Specials

Hello again lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas filled with lots of love, warmth, and delicious food.

I must apologize lovelies, both laptops are having technical difficulties this evening. Neither are letting me upload the pictures from the camera or allow me to upload pictures to this blog.

Tomorrow I will sit down and try to figure out what is going on. Thankfully though I can still type in here without worrying about malfunctions!

Now that Christmas & Thanksgiving are over, time to focus on New Years! Once I can upload pictures again, I will put together an outfit for you all for some inspiration. New Years is a great time to pull those special, fun pieces out of the closet that might not get light the rest of the year.

Until then though, I shall give you all the best of the web. Make sure to check out these deals. After-Christmas sales are always the best!

Website Specials
There are some amazing deals going on at, and they just added an extra 20% off if you order more 3 pieces or more.
Over at Torrid they're having an extra 50% off sale items right now. Free Shipping on over $75.
On Ideeli they're having a major sale (Up to 91% off!!!!). There are some beautiful pieces there for less than $50. When I can finally upload pictures again I will post for you all.
When you sign up for their email at American Apparel, you get an extra 15% off your order. There's also free shipping on orders over 75% as well.
Gypsyrose has taken some major markdowns on a great deal of their merchandise. They're giving away free gifts to choose from on all orders over $50.
Alexander Mcqueen has taken a markdown on his socks! I know, but I am willing to own anything from McQueen, even if it's just socks. I will post pictures and links later.
Free Standard shipping on all orders and they've taken new markdowns!
Take an extra 45% off sale items. Free overnight shipping. Free return shipping.
Free shipping both ways and new markdowns taken lovelies!
Frye is having free shipping for the holiday season. Don't wait til this gift is gone!
Alright lovelies, I will give you more when I can fix the computers! <3

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twas 2 days before Christmas

Hello again lovelies! It the Wednesday before Christmas, and I have a TON of goodies for you all! I spent today putting together goodies for you.

Today I have more shoes than you could ever possibly imagine, and trust me, you will want them all. I also went through a friend's wardrobe and put together an outfit for $50 to give you all some ideas on how to work with what you have, and then I have some last minute gift ideas for $50 or less.

First off, my friend's lovely outfit!

Outfit Pieces

- Green Satin Dress: Bought at Papaya $15
- Lace Leggings: Bought at Charlotte Russe $5
- Snakeskin Shoes: Bought at June $25
- Colorful Cross Necklace: Bought at an antique store $5

Total: $50

I chose this specific combination for a reason: to have fun! There are a lot of different textures in this outfit; the satin dress, the lace leggings, and the snakeskin of the shoes, but this combination is a fun, funky take on a traditional holiday party outfit. Don't be afraid to try new combinations of patterns or textures, just make sure that if you are going to do everything with a different textures and patterns, that at least one item or article is of a smaller print or of a solid color so that you can have a base for the rest of the outfit. While the dress is a different texture, it's a solid color, so it still provides a base and pulls the outfit together.

And now time for shoes!!!! (You can never have enough. This is a scientifically proven fact)

Shoes: $50 or less!!
Free Shipping on all orders!!!

Miss Me Sunkist Studded Pump: $19.94

An adorable kitty heel with metallic flair. Could it get any better? I think kitty heels are the perfect solution for work shoes because there's still a slight heel, but it's not too high so your feet won't be crying by the end of a shift.

Miss Me Sunkist Pointed Toe Pump: $19.94

For those that just want a basic, two-toned pump for work, I say no look no further than these. Kitty heel: check, two-toned amazing colors: check, amazing price: check.

Miss Me Vernice Satin Platform Pump: $24.94

I have a bit of a system; my skin tone won't permit me to wear about 99.9% of the shades of; yellow, red, orange, green, brown, and any pastels. This is a bit restricting for me, soooo, I instead get accessories in the colors that I can't wear in my regular clothing. That way, I can still wear those colors, just in smaller doses to wear they don't make me look like I'm terminally ill.

Dollhouse Jacosa Beaded Platform Pump: $24.94

These with some black tights and a cute black mini, or sans tights and just a mini, any color would be the most amazing holiday party outfit. A wooden platform pump goes with any color, any outfit, any occasion, trust me. Invest in a pair, they will quickly become as indispensable as your black flats.

Holt Leather Zipper Bootie: $55

Alright, now I know these are a little bit more than $50, BUT they are the hottest booties I have EVER seen, and they're only $5 more. I was debating with myself for a little while about putting them in here, but then I realized that the world needs to know about these shoes. I know I always talk about how much I want everything in my blog, and trust me, I want it all, but I'm not kidding when I say when I get my next paycheck, these boots are mine.

These boots are absolutely fantastic for multiple reasons: A.) A thick heel for added comfort. B.) Ombre in subtle colors so they will go with everything. C.) The zipper detail in the front for a bit of punk-rock bohemian attitude.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas!!

Imperial Highness Pin: $7.99

This pin will be the perfect touch to any structured blazer, purse, or to even just a simple cardigan that needs a bit of flair.

Pearl Stretch Charm Bracelet with Skull: $35.00

This bracelet is the perfect addition to any outfit simple outfit. It's striking yet not overpowering, and it's feminine with a touch of kick-ass attitude that every girl has.

Cara Accessories Neon Stud Wrap Bracelet: $24.50

Looking for a pop of color with a dose of attitude? Look no further lovelies. A lot of people perceive studded things to only be for the "punk" or "goth" groups, but honestly, anyone can wear studded accessories, especially ones like these. They're fun and funky! The perfect gift for anyone!*1*96*-1*-1*7

Peasant-Tied Cardigan: $19.99

For only $20, this is an amazing gift. I will say this right now though lovelies, be very careful with looser clothing such as this. This isn't big by any means, but if you are buying this keep in mind the body type you're buying for. This type of cardigan is not best for someone who is a pear shape or has wider hips, unless they like accentuating that part of their body, but I do warn you lovelies that this cardigan will add to the hip area. Also, I recommend wearing this with a belt if you're incredibly tiny or larger so it accentuates your waist and you don't get lost in the fabric.

Alright lovelies, time to get spread some holiday cheer! Remember, drive carefully, give yourself an extra hour if you're traveling through major cities, drive slowly in the crazy weather and most of all, have fun!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Good morning lovelies! I hope you all are getting ready and excited! Christmas is only 4 days away! It's so hard to believe how fast this year has flown by. It feels like yesterday was Thanksgiving.

For you lovelies today, I have a lot of goodies! First and foremost, a Look for Less, and then some last minute gift ideas online as well as the sites with Free Shipping and coupons for you all.

Look For Less

I've watched all of 5 minutes of The Hills, but I always see Audrina Patridge online or in the magazines. I must admit, the girl has an eye for fashion. She has an amazing style, but I will say this right now, I chose this outfit because she is one of the ONLY people i have EVER seen that can wear high-waisted jeans. High-waisted jeans are quite literally almost impossible to pull off. They are meant for those with very few curves and no meat on them. I wanted to make this outfit available to everyone; those who have curves and those who don't.

I know a lot of people will see this outfit and say "Hmm, maybe I can wear high-waisted jeans.". Ladies, before you invest in a pair, you need to know your body. Look at Jessica Simpson. She's gorgeous, not fat at all, just curvy. She wore a pair of high-waisted jeans and she is still being ridiculed for it to this day. High-waisted jeans are not forgiving. They highlight every flaw.

That is why I brought to you this outfit modified for every woman for $50.


Outfit Prices:
Red Satin Pleat Front Top: $18.63
American Living Front Flap Pocket Jeans: $17.99
Women's Mossimo Pearlie Gladiator Sandals: $10.48

Total: $47.10

Now, I know the jeans I chose may raise a bit of a question since they do appear to be a bit high-waisted as well. Let me clarify by saying a bit of a high-waist is ok so long as it sits below the problem area. The jeans that Audrina Patridge chose, as well as most very high-waisted jeans, appear as though they would fall right across most women's problem area in the stomach, which would only highlight the problem, not hide it. The jeans I chose have a dark wash which will make the legs appear slimmer and they go just a little higher than most low-cut jeans. A lot of women don't feel comfortable wearing very low-rise jeans, so these are the perfect solution for everyone. If you're craving a bit of a high-waist, these are low enough to not highlight any problem areas, but still high enough to give you that taste of a high-waist.

Now time for some last minute shopping ideas!!

Holiday Gifts: $50 or less!

Lovely People: $29.97

Everyone needs a pair of red fringe sandals. These would be especially hot at a Christmas party with a black mini dress, black tights and hammered silver hoops. Ooooo. Do it.

The Sash: $16

This is flattering for every woman of every age, and it's such a steal for only $16! Yaaay American Apparel!

Holly Earrings: $10

I LOVE Betty B! I have personally met the owner Donna and she is a wonderful woman on a wonderful mission with her store. I recommend all of you to check out her website or if you're in Ventura, check out her store right off of Main St. She has the most amazing things, and her pieces are all such steals for being hand-made works of art!

Website Deals

Free shipping everyone for all orders! Just enter the code FREESHIPNOW at checkout.

Free shipping upgrade. Order by the end of today and your order will be upgraded to priority mail for free!

Free shipping upgrade. Order by the end of today and your order will be upgraded to 2nd day delivery. Just enter 10US2SHP at checkout.

Free shipping on all orders. Order by today and your order will be guaranteed to get to your place by December 24th!!!

Free shipping on orders of $50 or more. When you place an online order, enter BEBARE at the checkout and you'll receive Bare Escentuals Foundation for free along with your order.

Order by today and get free ground shipping guaranteed to your place by December 24th!

Alright lovelies, I have given you all the tools you need to succeed while last-minute shopping. Spend your time wisely and remember, shop around!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time and management

Good evening lovelies! I know I promised you a post this evening, but tomorrow I have finals and I am unfortunately a bit more behind than I realized. Between projects and studying, I will not have time to put together a decent post for you this evening and still get everything done. I will post tomorrow after I get home from my finals.

Love you all!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Getaway

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are taking the Dexter's season finale better than my boyfriend and I are. We started out watching it in a happy mood and by the end we were in tears.

But, on to the good news! I have lots and lots of goodies for you all!

Also, I hope you all are having a marvelous Channukah filled with lots of latkes, sour cream and applesauce. That's what's rumbling around in my belly.

HOT Online Deals!!!

First and foremost, is having an amazing deal right now: $5 flat shipping on any purchase. I do recommend taking the utmost advantage of this; it won't be forever.

I must say, I am deeply in love with Ralph Lauren's latest collection. In the deals for $50 and less, I found this amazing little piece for you all! Ralph Lauren is also offering $5 flat shipping.

Skull Chino Miniskirt: $34.99

I have a weakness for anything with hardware and skulls, and this skirt is no exception, it's absolutely adorable. This skirt is fun, flirty, funky, and will flatter most any body type. Wear it higher up like this model, or lower down at the natural waist if you don't want to show too much leg but still add a fun spin to your outfit. This skirt ROCKS! is having free shipping right now as well as major markdowns. I've been watching this item for weeks and I am finally ready to purchase now that there's no shipping.

Necessary Objects Racerback Tank: $12.99

This tank top is an amazing deal. I am unfortunately not an hourglass figure. I am very drastically an inverted triangle (AKA- All curves on the top, none on the bottom). This tank top is perfect for those of you like me, or just those who want to emphasize their waist and lower half. This will add fullness and give the appearance of hips as well as hiding the tummy if that's your problem area. This is a major steal and the perfect gift for any woman who needs some color!

HOT In Store Deals

Loco Lindo

There is a fantastic little boutique in Ventura called Loco Lindo. It's nestled in a corner in downtown by the Starbucks and the Truffle Hound chocolate shop. Thankfully the owner also has a fantastic interactive website for the store.

My mother had to run in at one point to pick up something, so my boyfriend and I decided to check out the store while we were waiting. She has EVERYTHING in the store 50% off. I got a fantastic black scarf for my boyfriend for only $5!!!!!

Here are some other goodies for you guys that I found while there.

Double Fish Happiness Belt: $17.50

From the second I saw this belt, I flipped. It looks amazing with anything. Use it to belt a fancy dress or just use it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt; it looks AMAZING! My amazing boyfriend bought it for me as one of my Channukah presents. I can't tell you how many amazing things were in that store. She also had very unique, one of a kind vintage button rings. I will get a picture up here on Wednesday for you all to see, but if you happen into that store beforehand, just ask for them. You won't be disappointed!

Things Remembered

This amazing antique store has some of the most interesting things I've ever seen in an antique store before. Their store seems like it goes on forever and it has everything you could ever hope to find, and some things you didn't think existed either. This time around I was only able to look in for a moment while we were in between errands, but I found treasure in that moment.

Gone with the Wind clock: $18

Ok, so this isn't clothing, but I have a major Gone with the Wind obsession. Anything Gone with the Wind that I find at a great price will go into this blog. This was my other Channukah present, and let me tell you, I now get to wake up to this amazing clock rather some dull black and white thing. Things Remembered also had pictures and posters and lunch boxes galore of Gone with the Wind. It's the biggest selection of collectibles of this movie I have ever seen, anywhere. If you are as obsessed as I am, RUN, do not walk to this store before everything's all sold out.

Soul Tonic

Ok, this is by far one of my favorite places in downtown Ventura. They have the most amazing and unusual things. I'm so thankful I decided to take an extra 5 minutes and stop in while heading home from the Menorah lighting. I recommend stopping in with some time set aside for shopping. They have several $20 racks, a $5 bin and a great table with everything 50% off.

Black Widow Ring: $2

Yes, you read correctly, $2. It was $4, but it was 50% off. I know it may seem a bit gaudy, but honestly, this ring with a black turtleneck, some skinnies and a pair of kick ass black boots would be the hottest outfit! They still had lots of rings like these and with other designs left when I was there earlier, so hurry on over! These rings will make excellent stocking stuffers.

Tips for the Holidays

Alright now lovelies, I hope you all have an amazing next few days getting ready for the holidays.

1.) Remember; if you're going to leave for the malls DO NOT try to get parking close to the mall or store. Park as far away as possible. Reasons being:
A.) You won't waste gas going through the rows trying to find a spot.
B.) You won't waste time going through the rows trying to find a spot.
C.) The extra 5 minute walk will help you burn off the latkes and sour cream from last night.

2.) When leaving for the mall, give yourself an extra hour on top of the time you're expecting to spend: an extra half an hour getting there and an extra half an hour back. Trust me, the traffic and parking will be worse than you expect, and if not you now have extra time to shop.

3.) Ties and underwear make excellent little side gifts, but not gifts as themselves. If you're not sure what to get a guy, look at the colognes he uses. If he doesn't use one, get one for him. Try TJ Maxx, Nordstrom's Rack or Loehmann's. They also have the lowest prices on colognes and scents and they usually have testers so you can smell before you buy to determine what the best scent is for your man or that guy you need to buy for without breaking the bank.

4.) Shop around. Honestly. It takes an extra 10-15 minutes of internet surfing or calling another store to see what the price is for you're looking for. I know that you're tired and you have a lot to do, but the little extra effort could save you soooo much money.

5.) Last but not least: GIFT RECEIPTS PEOPLE! I am honestly one of those people who if I am given a gift that I know I will not wear or put to use or just don't like, I will ask my friend or family member (in the nicest way of course) "Is there a receipt with this?". The last thing I want for that person is to have spent all that money just to have it go to waste on something that I don't like, doesn't fit, or i'll just never wear.

I know it seems rude or tactless, but honestly, it's the polite thing to do. Gift receipts are a necessity. Write it on your hand, write it on your forehead, tattoo on your butt, however you want to do it to remind yourself to get a gift receipt when you buy a gift because you never know how that person will react to that gift.

Happy shopping! =)