Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fleur De Lis

 Being a self-proclaimed Thrift Addict once meant to me that I could go into any store and walk out with a steal and be able to get the most loot for the least amount during special holiday sales online. About a month and a half ago my definition changed of what it means to be a thrift addict, because I moved to a very small town in southern Louisiana. Many have asked me why, and I have shuddered more than once at the realization that the closest and truly ONLY place within a decent driving distance to purchase clothing is the local WalMart.

Despite the lack of physical retailers, luckily the internet is still by my side, so from now on the majority of posts will be about online retailing, which provides its own unique challenges, but your dedicated thrift addict will not let location, wind, or mosquitos get in her way.

Moving to a place with fewer distractions through has had its advantages; I have spotted a trend in Louisiana and it's not going anywhere any time soon. The state of Louisiana owns the Saints football team and has made the fleur de lis the team's symbol. It is also the symbol for the state and pride runs deep here in the south. Luckily Baroque & Roll is a major trend this season, so fleur de lis are right up the trendy alley.

 The Trend:

Fleur De Lis

The Want: Dolce & Gabbana boots - $1,886

 $50 Or Less

A sexy way to show off your fleur de lis pride.

Just a hint of embroidery on the back pocket shows off a fun fleur de lis without looking like a bedazzled set ate your jeans.

I will show off my pride any day in these gorgeous boots!

Pretty and feminine and an easy way to show off some Saint or Louisiana spirit, or just if you think the symbol is pretty, which I for one definitely do.

These beautiful, unisex cuff links will be a fun and refined pop for a collared shirt.

Gold fleur de lis set against pearls to add a ladylike yet still completely wearable, and affordable, touch.

This bracelet says rock and roll in the coolest way possible; yellow and black with a major dose of attitude.

A fun  and easy-to-wear bag that isn't too over-the-top and will fit everything you need without weighing you down.

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