Thursday, December 13, 2012

Neiman Marcus for Target; Gifts for $50 or Less

Good morning lovelies! For those who haven't quite finished all their gift shopping yet (Like me), I have decided to bring you amazing and wallet-friendly gift ideas in the form of a new collection for one of my favorite stores: Target. 

Target has had some amazing collections come through over the years from big name designers such as Alexander McQueen and Missoni, and now gearing up for the holiday season, the big-name retailer has teamed up with the famous Neiman Marcus for a collaboration that I am personally head over heels in love with.

The collection with 24 designers from the high-end store hit stores on December 1st and has had items flying off the shelves in record speed. This limited-time collaboration has brought us happy consumers designer lunch boxes, dog bowls and yoga mat in alluring shapes and bold prints.

The Target - Neiman Marcus

My favorites - $50 or Less

Everyone needs a lunch box, so what better and more useful gift could you give than one they'll use again and again, and be proud to show off. This stunning print will make it easy to spot from inside the crowded breakroom fridge. Gift giving just got a lot easier, and bringing lunch suddenly got a lot more fashionable. 

Who doesn't want their dog to feel like the prince or princess that they are? This gift is sure to impress with it's classic style yet very Oscar De La Renta motif. Your friend's pooch won't want their food any other way after tasting it in elegance and class from your thoughtful gift.

The coolest slippers, just add a glass of bourbon and a 1930's movie and you can lounge in style for a truly unbeatable price. 

It's not a question as to whether you should purchase these gloves; the real question is, should you keep them or give them away?

The abstract animal print makes this easy to dress up or dress down - a very versatile piece that will match, or contrast, with everything. The perfect holiday gift for that special someone.

Downward Facing Dog will be no sweat on this mat when you get to look down at the stunning design. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to sweat in style.

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