Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Blazers

Good morning lovelies! Looking for a great blazer for work or play this summer? I have some gorgeous options below to fit your budget and your lifestyle. These are my favorites, and I'm sure you'll understand why.

Spring Blazers

$50 or Less

Possibly one of the cutest blazers ever. If Audrey Hepburn wore a blazer in Breakfast at Tiffany's, this would be it.

Printed Open Front Blazer: $44.44

Definitely a blazer Carrie Bradshaw would squeal over in her Manolo Blahniks. Luckily this blazer is easy to wear - just throw it over a white t-shirt and skinny jeans and you're all set for the day. Pair with a simple gold pendant and some funky rings & bracelets and you'll be the hottest thing since humidity.

The sweetest little easter egg; a very easy and sneaky way to try wearing pastels without looking like a movie extra from Marie Antoinette. While the color is fun and feminine, the blazer itself is structured and perfect for the workplace mixed with neutrals - a fun way to add some pop in the workplace. If you're not sure colors to pair this with, try a light grey or tan - they'll help balance the pop.

Navy Studded Jacket: $35.00

I'm pretty positive this is my next splurge - a deep neutral color works even in the middle of summer when mixed with fun bright colors on a night out. Wear this over a coral dress and nude wedges for a sizzling outfit. Luckily the studs on the sleeves help  with accessorizing - a few major rings, bold statement earrings and you're all set with this immediate staple.

There's a sort of Americana  tough-love romanticism with dark fitted denim jackets, like something out a James Dean movie or a greaser. You're tough yet feminine, and it goes with everything. I can see this easily becoming a go-to for what to wear over your favorite blouse or vintage dress, just remember, denim jacket + boots = major style points!

Fun Find

Ok, so this is a little bit more than $50, but this shirt is so fun. I'm not normally one for shirts with words on them, but this one is cool enough for adults without making you look like you're trying to be 13 again. There are few items in general I would pay over $50 for, but I think this one is too perfect to pass up.

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