Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hair Stickers: Worth the money, or best left to the pros?

Good Morning lovelies! All the coverage of Fashion Week has left us in a dizzying and beautiful array of photos and trends and ideas for fall outfits. Articles are popping up left and right highlighting small details from each designer as well as the larger trends from model to model, but one trend has stood out to me and made me want to try, but wonder if maybe it's best left to the pros: hair stickers.

These beauties were seen on the runways from the Honor show, and it's true, on the runway they were beautiful and airy and the perfect touch to the outfits. Many companies are now offering varying versions of this fairytale accessory, enticing customers to add some dainty femininity to your hairstyle. The question is though, is it actually realistic to wear these while going for a coffee run or out a date?

These are some of the versions that are for sale across the internet:

These versions are sold for $9.99 here: Hair Stickers

And here: miabeauty.com

The price is right for the number and size of the stickers you get, and they're non-adhesive, won't ruin your hair, and add a fun touch to your updo. There are various sizes and other shapes and designs too, and to me the large crowns are so cool I'm on the verge of buying, will you try this trend or leave it for the pros?

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