Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Petit Vour Unboxing

Due to some Linda Blair-via-Exorcist-type illness afflicting my laptop's camera, my unboxings will have to be done via text for the time being. Yaaaaay reading!

This month's Petit Vour box has definitely been one of the better ones that I've received due to one particular item. I'm very excited to go over each item that I received in my box since I've been using them for almost a week now, and I hope this inspires you to start looking at more cruelty-free and vegan beauty items.

September Petit Vour Box
"What a Gem"

I got the Lavender scented version, which is one of my favorite scents. This is THE item that made this box so special and exciting for me. About 6 months ago I spontaneously developed an allergy to any deodorant that is heavy on salt and/or contains baking soda. I mean literally, overnight, this allergy developed. It has been a struggle. I have a box with 6, yes 6 different deodorants that I plan on doing a review video on that have failed over the last 6 months. I've been using this deodorant for almost a week now. No irritation. Smells amazing. Lasts all day. Super moisturizing. INSANELY CUTE GRAPHICS AND NAME. Yep, we have a winner. Worth. Every. Penny. DEFINITELY repurchasing.

This is the one item that I haven't tried yet from this month's box, but it smells like lemon-y organic ocean-y heaven. Like the ocean and a lemon had a baby. I'm tempted to make a cheesy joke but I'm holding back (barely). This $16 size is 1oz, which is really good. That's actually not that expensive considering this could easily last for 2 months. Very good value. this item and the deodorant alone made this month's box worth it.

Nope, nope and nope. Now granted, it's very challenging when sending a foundation in a subscription box to the wide range of skin colors. I was sent the shade "Light-Medium". The shade wasn't particularly the big problem, although it was a small one. To me this foundation felt like it had peachy undertones. My skin has yellow undertones. When that happens it makes the person appear kind of off, and that's what this color did to me. However, I could've looked past the color if this foundation had actually done what it was supposed to - like blend for instance. I used two different sponges, a brush and my fingers. All 4 days resulted in the same problem, even when using different tools.
This foundation is a b*tch to blend. It took FOREVERRRRR, and it still was streaky. This foundation also claims to be full-coverage. LIES. It was light-to-medium coverage. Now granted, once it was blended, it didn't go anywhere for the entire day. It didn't budge, fade, nothing. It stayed, but it was too much of a pain. 
I'll pass.

I received a little sample of this company's blemish serum. It was OK. There was nothing particularly special about it. I already used Burt's Bees Blemish Stick and that's only $8, compared to the full size of this which is $32. They did the same thing which I put them head-to-head, so I'll just stick with my Burt's Bees.

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