Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do the Nasty

Hello lovelies! I hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day filled with lots of love, or lots of fantastic date time, or just lots of fantastic warmth from your human friends or your favorite fluffy friend.

Funny Story & Advice

(( Word of advice from a lesson learned the hard way. Ladies: DO keep a spare change of clothes in your car including undergarments. Brothers/Boyfriends/Friends of females: DO keep extra products for women in case of an emergency, or your lady might end up spending a special day, i.e. Valentine's Day, running around downtown Santa Barbara on State St. going in and out of stores looking for undergarments and a change of clothes. Not that it's particularly difficult to find clothes and underwear on a typical day, but I guess on Valentine's Day people need their underwear more so than usual. ))

A few months ago I ordered a $5 something from Nasty Gal. A week later I received an email stating that my item was no longer in stock and the order had been cancelled. When I went back onto the website, the item was still listed as being available. A bit frustrated, I emailed them asking them why my order had been cancelled but the item was still being offered on the website. About 2 weeks later I received an email from them apologizing and giving me a $20 gift card to their site to use whenever I want.

2 weeks ago I used the gift card, buying a pendant necklace and a pair of leopard print socks. Both came within a few days, and both were nothing like they were on the site. I was rather horrified at how tarnished and cheap the necklace looked and felt, when on the site it looked bright, shiny and strong. The socks looked like something I'd find for $1 at a sale bin at Marshall's. Immediately I returned both items, and instead used my $20 to buy the Gunmetal Filigree Ring.

Product Review

This ring is absolutely stunning and worth the wait. It's not too heavy, but heavy enough so that you feel it. It fits nicely on my hand and is very comfortable for wear. Its colors are striking and go with everything. This is my new favorite ring and because of it's darker, edgier vibe will retain a permanent place in my jewelry collection for as long as it is intact. (I have a nasty habit of being slightly rough with my jewelry, never intentionally of course, but nonetheless it happens.)

I'd recommend this ring for anyone, and with the price being as affordable as it is, why not splurge and get it? It will fit perfectly in with anyone's wardrobe, and truly if you're only going to wear one piece of jewelry, this is the one to wear. 

My Fair Ring

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