Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day: Minus the confusing subplots

Hello lovelies! I hope we are all gearing up for the exciting Valentine's Day coming up. For those of us (myself included) who don't have a boyfriend per-se, but are seeing someone, it can be rather awkward to think of what to wear. It's not a serious relationship, so do you actually need to dress up for the occasion? What if it's a simple friends-with-benefits situation? What if it's someone who you hope to turn into a boyfriend but just haven't reached that stage? Maybe an ex hoping to rekindle a romance? There are all kinds of hairy situations when it comes to that famous holiday surrounded by love, and heartache coincidentally, but not to worry, there are all kinds of fun date ideas to take the pressure off.

For now, I'm here to help you take the pressure off your date outfit. What should you wear, you ask? It's February, so unless you live in the Keys or the desert, you want to dress in layers. Tonight, I'll show you a few different V-Day outfit ideas that will work for almost all body types and skin tones.

Outfit #1

$50 or Less

A funky shoulder bag at a fantastic price, paired with the neutral dress and fun shoes makes this outfit scream "Awesome and fun date".

Just the prettiest LBD that will work for any occasion.

Snakeskin flats = <3

Outfit #2
$50 or Less

Dresses like these become instant favorites because of their versatility. Layer them over wool tights and boots, or over jeans and flats, or wear with sandals on a cool autumn day. The simple design and sweet color make this dress a must-have.

 So cute, so functional and so affordable. I am in love.

Outfit #3
$50 or Less

Just the funkiest little sweater on the market. So cute. So affordable. So going into into the "Must Buy" category.

A fantastic pair of pants that can work in any situation with the right shoes and accessories. These will become a wardrobe staple.

This beautiful little bootie will give you a sturdy foot in any dating situation, with a beautiful color to boot. The folds make this bootie stand out from every other girl and will make you the chicest date he's ever had. All of the colors work together because of the neutrals and the shoes being the only pop of color you'll have.

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  1. Where do I get the Deer Sweater?! It's super cute.