Monday, May 21, 2012

The coolest way to wear ties since...ties

Good evening lovelies! Tonight, I bring you a fantastic way to be fashionable while supporting a fantastic new and exclusive line made entirely of ties. Yes, you read correctly; ties. 

Not just an old silk tie

My good friend's grandmother has found a way to hand-make an entire purse out of a single tie. Each tie that's used is vintage and most of the ties are made of 100% silk. After each purse is created, it's then fitted with vintage lace or ribbon for the handle, then finished with a vintage button to fasten the flap in the front. Every purse is one-of-a-kind, so you are sure to get a beautiful purse that no one else in this world has!

Each purse is only $12 plus shipping if you don't live in Ventura. Contact Amanda to order:

India Red: $12 

Paisley Royalty: $12

 Florida Blue: $12

 Starlight Blue: SOLD

These 4 are the only ones created so far, but more will be made. Each one can easily fit a card holder, cell phone, keys, mirror, lip gloss, floss, mini hand lotion and breath mints, but are small enough to not weigh your down. The straps may very in length, but can be tucked inside the purse so it can easily be converted into a clutch for the night. 

For the price and convenience of being one-of-a-kind, give Amanda a call and get your own unique way to reduce, reuse, and look great!

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