Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Instead of talking about what to buy your mom to celebrate Mother's Day, I've decided instead to celebrate my mom and a major way she's always influenced my life: through her style. 

This is my amazing and stylish mother, Pamela. For as long as I can remember, as far back as my mind reaches, she's always oozed this effortless elegance. She is classic and modern and is always very well put-together. I was always fascinated by her vast wardrobe that took up all the closets and beaureau's in her room and half of the closet in mine when I was growing up. I could've cared less about clothes at that age, but for some reason her flowing dresses and skirts made me stare in wonder and awe when she'd open the closet doors. On summer days while she was at work I'd try on her shoes and wonder what it was like to run around for 10 hour work days running the Pulminary Function lab at the hospital in Manolo Blaniks. Her closets were overflowing with Coaches, Louis Vuittons and her Dooney & Burkes. In the photo above you can see the little loon tag under her arm, the wordless indicator of a woman with taste. 

It should come as no surprise though that my mom has style since she's a New Yorker and an original hippie child during the Woodstock era. Even in her earliest photos in her tye-dyed garb, she was classic, simple, elegant, in tye-dye of course. You can see an underlying style from an early age on through her teens and early adulthood with the way she put together outfits that made you pay attention.

As a child I'd watch her get dressed for work and put on her makeup with fascination, and at the same time a bit of repulsion simply because the little tomboy I was when I was much younger saw makeup as the enemy. 

Despite my best efforts to resist her teachings, she is the reason I am so passionate about fashion and am constantly doing my best to put forward my best efforts, even while going to the grocery store. 

My mother is by far the coolest because she told me just a few years ago "You can't go wrong with a little cleavage". My mom is fearless and not afraid to be her, perfectly manicured nails, designer purses and shoes and all, all while observing through rose-colored Coach frames.

When I think of my mom, I think of style, and while I don't have the same style as she does, I do try to take the same approach that she does; it doesn't matter how much you have, just as long as what you have is quality. 

My mom is the most stylish woman I know.

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