Monday, May 20, 2013

Product Review: "Hello Sailor" by Lipstick Queen

There is a major trend this season that is popping up everywhere that in my opinion every woman should wear: blackberry lips. This trend is easy for the spring and summer because it genuinely goes with everything you could possibly wear. Depending on the colors you typically sport, you can even bring it into fall and winter with just darker shades for the seasons. This trend has a lot to do with my product review tonight because the product I ordered is a special one that was featured on Yahoo news a few weeks ago by a blogger who also did a review. 

Blackberry Lips Trend

Product Review

"Hello Sailor" by Lipstick Queen

Purchasing this product has been the first time in my life that I've decided to try a makeup trend. I'm always willing to try makeup products, but I've never really cared about the trends because, to be honest, most of the makeup trends don't work for my coloring or work place. Seeing this product though, something inherently Vogue snapped in me and said "I need this!", as well as something about the fact that it's blue made me feel a little, well, rebellious.

I debated about ordering it for 2 days after finding it only being sold online through Saks Fifth Avenue. When I finally decided to go back and purchase it, it had completely sold out online. This product is no doubt incredibly popular, and so I called around the country to a few stores in feverish excitement, only to find the Saks in Hollywood having 3 left. 1 1/2 weeks later I had the box in my hand and in a giddy squeal I tore open the box, pulled out the pretty blue tube and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror as I applied it to my lips mid-run. (I'm brave when excited, and lucky I didn't lipstick my cheeks while I ran - girls, don't try that at home)

While the lipstick itself is blue, it doesn't go on blue based on the color wheel theory: the blue lipstick + pink lips = purplish berry tint. The brand promises that the bright blue lipstick when applied will make your teeth look whiter and your complexion much brighter. When it first goes on though, it just looks like a clear matte gloss - pretty, but not berry. I was colored a tad disappointed the first few days of wearing it, only seeing it when I put it on first thing before work, until one night mid-shift I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I realized that the lipstick goes on neutral, but after a bit of time to mix with your natural lip color you look like you're wearing a beautiful berry shade. 

Of course, depending on the natural color of your lips, the shade it ends up varies, but with my lips after a bit of time (about 15 -30 minutes) it looked like something from the runway.

 My overall review: buy this product. Don't let the blue color scare you, it's absolutely beautiful, moisturizing, and worth every penny.

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