Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dawning of the Age of the.....scrunchie?

While fashion is undeniably cyclical and many interesting trends have come back into play over the years, the most interesting revival I've been seeing lately is everywhere: the forever famed scrunchie. Yes, the scrunchie is popular again, but just because it's popular again doesn't mean I'm going to be going out and getting myself one any time soon. You might think I'm a bit of a stick in the mud, but I have my reasons.

I remember being a little girl and my mother putting my hair in pigtails with flowered scrunchies, but because my hair is so coarse and curly, my hair didn't fall into cute, relaxed pigtails like other little girls. Much to my horror, my hair stood out straight on each side like some crazy pippy-longstocking-esque hairdo. Cue the childhood trauma tears.

When I discovered the ease of cute hairbands, (mostly the ones with glitter and beads on them), my days of poofy scrunchie awkwardness were over. To me, the days of scrunchies envoke riding around the block on my barbie bike and playing in the barn in a Laura Ashley sundress, not going to my 9-5 as a Visual Merchandiser. Which is why, much to my shock, a few months ago I started seeing them everywhere. And not just on kids, on adults.

Celebrities across the pond and even ones here have been seen trying to rock the scrunchie, and I can appreciate it. Scrunchies don't hurt your hair like traditional elastics do, and the designs can be kind of pretty. Also, there is a sort of nonchalance to wearing the scrunchie as an adult that can be kind of cool. While these girls make the scrunchie look pretty good, I know myself and my Pippy Longstocking-esque fro. I'll leave this trend to the professionals. 

What do you think about this trend? Would you wear a scrunchie?

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