Sunday, June 8, 2014

Make Me Up

In the last year my slight like of makeup has grown into a full-fledged obsession. I enjoy watching tutorials, looking at the latest products, even just walking into Sephora gives me a strange sort of high. I don't, however, like retail makeup prices. Lets be honest, most makeup isn't cheap. On the contrary, most makeup will steal your paycheck before you realize you had one in the first place. 

So when I walked into a makeup boutique/parlor on Magazine St., I wasn't looking to buy makeup. I was looking for a Q-tip, since I had accidentally smudged mascara on my forehead and had no way of properly removing it. It was only after getting the free Q-tip from the salon owner that I saw a section brightly labeled "Sale". Bins were overflowing with completely full, never been opened/used items from the likes of Too Faced, Smashbox, LVX and many others that were on sale for $5 each.

The reason? The products had been discontinued by the companies, and the salon owner just didn't have the room for them anymore. She wanted them gone, and I wanted them in my collection. I enjoy $5. I especially enjoy $5 well spent. I think lipglosses and lipsticks are always worth investing in, and a pretty eyeshadow too of course <.3

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