Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eyebrow Problems

Hey lovelies! I thought I would give you a break from my face (sort of) and do a written post today. 

If you've seen any of my videos or photos I've posted on here of myself, then you know I have some pretty thick eyebrows. Despite the fact that I've plucked, waxed, and threaded over the years, my eyebrows have always grown back  with a thick and eyebrow-y vengeance. Even though my eyebrows are quite large and relatively thick, they are less thick towards the front and tail end of each brow. So sometimes I do like to fill them in, just a little bit though; just to give them a slightly more bold appearance.

When it comes to plucking, for the most part I only pluck the random strays and try to maintain my large, bold natural shape. However, about a week and a half ago, I woke up to find what looked like I had plucked the front part of my eyebrows in my sleep. 
 (Pictorial evidence - see how the front part looks like i have a section missing from both sides towards the middle/bottom? Yeah, there was hair there the night before. I would NOT do this to myself, no matter how much money someone paid me. Well, maybe for a million.)
I emitted a silent scream that morning and immediately began contemplating how to fix this. I knew that it would take a couple of weeks for the hairs to grow back to full thick and bushy glory. I also began trying to figure out what exactly the f*&% had happened to my brows to cause this. I had filled in my brows the day before, and I had scrubbed a little harder than usual to get my makeup off that night. However, I didn't notice those holes after the makeup was off and I was moisturizing. I spoke to a coworker about it the next day, since she fills in her brows every day, and she said she scratches in her sleep and has woken up to find eyelash and eyebrow hairs missing on many occasions.

Color me nervous - I hope this doesn't become a reoccurring problem. The picture above was actually taken this morning when I woke up. You can see the hairs are growing in, and I feel that they're growing fast, but obviously not fast enough to take away my insecurity about it. 

Enter meet cute Castor Oil. I hopped on Youtube that same day and found several videos talking about the magical benefits of castor oil. Of course, it's not an actual miracle product, and it won't make changes overnight. The videos I've watched though have suggested that after several weeks worth of use that it does help improve thickness and possibly speed up hair growth. I have ran around to 3 different health food/regular food stores in my area - no such luck. Apparently places down here don't see a need for virgin castor oil. I'm actually at the point where I'm planning a New Orleans trip today purely to swing into Whole Foods to pick some up, or I'm ordering it online tonight. One of the two is happening, but I will post an update in the next few weeks after acquiring it to let you know/show you how it's working on my brows <.3

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