Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lip Smackers: The Disappearing Act

Many of us grew up during a time of Lisa Frank, not-so-smart phones, and Pogs. In between days of daydreaming over which cd would be next or when summer vacation started, a common love threaded all of us together. Not always talked about but always seen, our love of Lipsmackers and their endless flavors rings as true today for our youth as it did for us back then. For me, it was Dr. Pepper my favorite drink back then (and still is to this day). While how much soda I could have was limited, I wasn't limited on how much chapstick I could wear, and so when we went to the store, I went to the one section that made me feel happiest - the makeup section. 

Slightly ironic considering I was the biggest tomboy back then. Maybe it was foreshadowing my incredibly girly days to come, but back then it was all about bright colors and flavor selections. Pina Colada? Yes please. Fruit Punch? I'll take it! Dr. Pepper? The holy grail.

Naturally I grew up and moved on to products more suited to my age, but I've never gotten over my love for Lipsmackers. Every time I pass by the display in the store I can't help but smile and feel that child-like urge to swipe a package of Dr. Pepper and run for the register. Which is why when I saw an article a few days ago entitled "Bonne Bell closes: Lipsmackers production future remains in question", my childhood memories tugged on my heart strings until my resolve broke. Yes; I ran to the store and purchased one.

I don't regret my purchase, but I don't intend on using it either. This is a purchase of pure love rather than actual necessity, and it will stay with me as an ode to my childhood. Now I can't help but wonder about the future of this dearly-loved brand while simultaneously feeling ancient at seeing something from my childhood potentially disappear. What we need is a good old-fashion protest, and a catchy campaign. "Save the Smackers" is my personal favorite followed by a "Love your Lipsmackers" campaign where people of all ages show off their lipsmacker products. I think we're on to something here.

I know is my heart would break a little to see them go, and only one thing remains true in the world of chapstick:

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