Sunday, February 22, 2015

ProSonic Glow Review

 Valentine's Day happened not too long ago, and my overworked and super-stressed husband admitted to me 4 days before the holiday "I have no idea what to get you, and I haven't even had time to shop or think of something.". I wasn't mad, with him working 60+ hours a week, shopping is the last thing on his mind. So, I took it upon myself to find something I would love and use and purchase it giving the credit to him. 

This past Valentine's Day my husband "bought" me a ProSonic Glow. I had been wanting a Clarisonic from Sephora forever, but even with my discount that would make a serious dent in my savings. I'm also happen to be in love with Groupon. I've gotten a lot of amazing things and had great experiences at restaurants and events that I might have not been able to afford normally. So naturally, I was browsing the site really quickly 2 weeks before Valentine's Day, as I do about once every 2-3 weeks, and I noticed something called a ProSonic Glow. It looked similar to a Clarisonic, but instead of the $120 price tag at Sephora, this was selling on Groupon for $60. Half the price = me likey. I researched it and found that it retails (depending on the site) anywhere from $80-$120. I felt so excited about finding such a deal, and a week later my little beauty came in the mail.

 While it was still a deal going on on Groupon, it allowed me to choose my color, and I chose lavender. ((Any beauty tool in the color lavender just instantly seems more luxurious to me. I know, I'm weird.))

This kit came with:
  1. 1 brush head with 3 speeds
  2. 4 different brush heads
  3. Botanical cleanser
  4. Microdermabrasion cream
  5. AC charger
  6.  1 year warranty

The instructions are thorough and easy to follow, and I was left with no questions about any aspect of my new beauty tool. Since I received this gorgeous thing, I've used it 6 times. It's honestly a bit challenging for me to add anything new to my nighttime routine, but I'm slowly getting better at remembering. I can honestly say though, every single time I use it, I notice a HUGE difference in my skin the next morning. Even though I don't use it every single night, after 2 weeks there's been an overall improvement with my skin. The handle and brush heads are insanely easy to wash and then you just let them air dry. I've tried 2 of the 4 brush heads and the botanical cleanser, and everything has impressed me so far.

Overall Review:

I LOVE this product. It's so easy: it's easy to grip and hold, to charge, to clean, etc. For the price especially, this was absolutely worth it. This would be worth it even at full price. I'm a sale shopper 150%, but if this broke out of warranty and I had the money, I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase. I've heard so many people rave about products like this before, and I can honestly see why. It makes such a huge difference. Of course, if you can find this at a discounted price on a site like Groupon, Gilt, Beyond The Rack, HSN, QVC, etc, then that's even better.

My recommendation? If you're someone like me who has been struggling with all-over-the-place skin and not having a lot of money laying around for a purchase at one time, put away a small amount at a time each paycheck. It'll add up quickly while waiting for it to pop up on a discount site, and it will make this purchase that much more special and meaningful. <.3

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