Sunday, March 29, 2015

Top Ten Lip Products

Hi, my name is Ashley and I'm obsessed with lip products. In case this is your first time reading this: I currently own 72 lip products, and in the last year I've tried out well over 100. Out of all of the lip products I currently own, there are specific ones that I find myself reaching for over and over again. I own lip products that range from cheapy drugstore up to somewhat high-end (I don't own NARS or Chanel, so I can't claim REALLY high-end), and these are the ones that I've found wear the best and give the most color pay-off. 

My Top 10 Lip Products

This is a sheer lip treatment that I wear to bed every night. This lip treatment has, I feel, made a huge difference in my overall lip appearance. Since using it I feel my lips look more moisturized and fuller. It also smells like yummy buttery popcorn, which is a plus to me.

 This was a spontaneous Cyber Monday buy last year, and it has turned into the lipstick I reach for the most. This is the best pink/mauve-ish lipstick I have ever owned. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this one, and it wears beautifully all day
This is a really beautiful, unique color. It's bright but it's not in-your-face, and when it's on it stays put. I feel extremely confident when I wear this color - I love neutrals but I think this is my spirit lipstick.
This is the perfect petal pink lip gloss. I repeat, this is the gloss that every woman should have in her purse. This stays in my purse with my MOLIN+GOETZ lipbalm at all times. This is what you wear to interviews, to meet the parents, to a big meeting - this is what you wear when you want to make a great impression but you can't wear loud colors.
I did a post on Red Apple Lipstick a few months ago and I did a separate post specifically on this color. The formula is very hydrating, very pigmented and stays on for a long time. Red Apple Lipstick's formula is one of the better formulas I've ever encountered in a lipstick. Also, this specific color is just really different. It's like a bruised sparkly raisin - it's very fun and earthy and edgy at the same time.

I started getting into nudes last year hesitantly because I was very scared of concealer mouth, but I did some research last summer and luckily came across this lipstick. I'm really glad I finally decided to pick it up last October. This is the lipstick I reach for 2nd most out of all of my lipsticks because it is so moisturizing and the color is beautiful.

This is another unique color, and I was very hesitant about buying this one initially. The color is what drew me in when I saw it online and I thought about this purchase for a solid week before making the commitment. I've got to say: Calvin Klein makes some fantastic lipsticks. The intensity of this formula and the lack of feathering is the reason why this is on my top 10 list.

This lip tint is such a pretty retro coral red. It's so feminine and easy to wear, especially during the warmer months. This is my go-to when I want a punch of color without going raver/Lite Bright. I own a lot of colors, but this is one that I feel is a classic.

I got this in my Ipsy bag a little while ago, and at first I was hesitant about using it but after my favorite chapstick got eaten by the dryer, I had no choice but to open it. This stuff stays with me at all times now. When I'm done with the one I have I will buy another one cause it's just that good. It leaves my lips feeling soft for hours and gives them a naturally moisturized look.

 This is a very bright, fun color and like all OCC products, it goes on and it stays on. A little bit goes a long way - I don't think I'll finish this tiny bottle any time soon. 

***In accordance with my New Year's resolution, as I use & finish many of these products that are not vegan & cruelty-free, I will switch over and stay with the vegan & cruelty-free alternatives***

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