Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Men's Skincare Spotlight: Evolution Man

I've talked a lot about skincare and makeup in the last few months, and while men and women can both wear makeup and look fabulous, I haven't really talked about men's skincare products.  If you're a guy or you know a guy who's skin needs some TLC, then keep reading.

I first discovered Evolution Man 3 1/2 years ago right before Christmas. My boyfriend at the time was an avid scuba diver (he's where I got my love of diving from) and he was constantly experiencing dry skin. He didn't know how to properly take care of his face, so with all the salt water and wind he was exposed to, his skin was dry, flaking, and red - it wasn't good to say the least. As a Christmas gift I picked him up two Evolution Man items because they had an 50% off code and the products sounded better than any other men's products I had seen.

After one week of my ex using the products, his skin had noticeably improved. After 3 weeks, his skin problems had completely cleared up. We were both floored at the results. When I met my husband I saw he had the same skin problems, except his problems are caused from eczema (and also lack of skincare). My husband has a hard time remembering to use his products every day, but even the few days a week that he remembers have made a huge difference in his skin's appearance. During our poor times, we've alternated with less expensive brands to see if we could find a great alternative, but the best results hands down have been when he uses Evolution Man.

The Dream Team

Evolution Man

Not only have I see two guys use this stuff, I've tried it myself. It feels really good on the face and it's very light-weight yet moisturizing. If you or a guy you know has oily or combination skin, I feel like this product would work just as well due to the fact that it's oil-free and so light on the skin.

I call these two products "the dream team" because they really are. My husband used the Cleanse & Shave from them for a little while, and it works wonderfully, but he actually prefers another brand. A review of that brand will be coming in the future <.3

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