Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The TRUE Met Gala Superstar

 The Met Gala happened on Monday, and since then the internet has of course been flooded with pictures of our favorite celebrities rocking their sharpest tuxes and most interesting dresses. I looked through the pictures like countless others this week, ooohing and ahhhhing at the out-of-this-world head pieces and flowing gowns. I clicked, I saw, and I was impressed, but the pictures of Slayonce or Rihanna didn't make me giddy - it was another individual, one not pictured in any of the photo galleries that literally made me yell "OH MY GOD, YESSSS!" when I saw that he had attended...and made a video of it.

For those of you who have never heard of Casey Neistat, you're now welcome. Casey Neistat is a photographer, film director & producer, and my inspiration for how to live life. I was stumbling around on Youtube one day about 4 months ago and came across a video of him and his son running around a giant waterpark in Germany. At first I thought he was a fun-loving ex-pat, until I checked out his other videos - I was instantly hooked. It took no time at all to realize he's the younger version of the Dos Equis guy with a camera attached to his hand at all times. 

I originally had a post planned for today about something fashion-y, but last night when I saw the video Casey made for Vogue about the Met Gala, I had to talk about him instead. His video style is so unique and captivating. He has 143 videos on his Youtube channel - I've watched 30+ of them, and I have yet to find myself bored for a single moment. Not only is his video style amazing, his personal style is awesome too. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that his wife is Candice Pool, creative director of Finn Jewelry. Yes, THAT Finn Jewelry from Barney's New York that you keep seeing highlighted in magazines and on the necks of those beautiful famous people. 
Since discovering Casey's work, I've become rather...passionate about it. And by passionate I mean every single one of my friends has been told about 10 times to check out his Youtube channel. I'm one step away from going door to door and asking "Have you heard about our Youtube lord & savior Casey Neistat?". In one of his videos he buys a $300 Commes De Garcon wallet and burns his name into it. Literally. I know people who would call that sacrilege. I call it fearless.

I could sit here and go on all day about his work, but the last thing I'll say is this: if there's one person in this world who I would want to create a movie about my life, I would want it to be Casey Neistat.

El Fin.

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