Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buffalo Loco

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all have had an amazing week so far! Between the event with Jeans 4 Justice and different sales going on with the season, there are all kinds of amazing deals going on right now for great causes.

One of my favorite that is coming up on Saturday at Buffalo Exchange. Buffalo Exchange is having a "Save Wildlife Habitat" sale. All the sale items at every store will be on sale for $1. All profits from the sale will go to the Save Wildlife Habitat Fund.

All store locations are participating. I recommend getting there early because what they do is; they take all the sale items outside of the store and put them into boxes and place them right by the entrance. You can't take them inside to try them on, so you should dress for trying on things in the street. You have to sort through the boxes, but it's absolutely worth it! I have a Lilly Pulitzer jacket from last year's sale that only cost me $1, and an H&M bubble skirt for only $1. I found many other items there for $1, and you help save wildlife while you're shopping.

"The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust works with private landowners to protect wildlife by creating permanent sanctuaries. These sanctuaries serve as “Shelters Without Walls®” for free-roaming wild animals. Ranging in size from several to more than two thousand acres, each of these sanctuaries provides safe and natural habitat for countless species, from migratory song birds and waterfowl to charismatic carnivores like the grizzly bear or wolverine. To date, the Trust has participated in the protection of more than 1.8 million acres of wildlife habitat in 38 states, and eight foreign countries." -

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