Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pills Please

Good evening lovelies! After a week and a half of a serious illness, I am back in action.

For those that are like me, I take my vitamins every single day, and I take more than one. I used to take 11 daily, but now I'm down to 6. Even though I've cut back on some [not by choice, but by financials], it still makes me feel weird that I take all these vitamins out of a plastic bag. I've been using a plastic bag for a few months now simply because of the cost: free. To be honest though, for the past week that I've had to take several medicines on top of my usual vitamins, I was starting to look like I had hit a pill problem as I was toting around about 10-12 pills & vitamins at any given time.

The easiest, and of course cutest way to hide said pills would have been to have invested in a pill box or organizer. Since I'm done with my medicine, I'm back down to 6, but it's definitely an investment I'm planning on making. For those like me who take many vitamins, I'm noticing that I waste a lot of plastic bags by either accidentally loosing them or destroying them somehow.

For those who wish to save plastic and look awesome at the same time:

Pill Box

$50 or Less

Victorian Surreal Octopus Woman: $7.50

Funky and fun, and can easily fit at least 6-9 pills.

Victorian Steampunk THE OCTOPUS: $17.50

 Freakin' GORGEOUS! How awesome would you look if you pulled this out of your purse?? Exactly, everyone would want to start taking vitamins just to look as cool as you.

This one has 3 separate sections to fit at least 12-15 different pills.

Bad Attitude Bad Gilr Pinup: $7.50

 This is how I feel almost every day. All of us feel this way at some point. Just whip it out when you feel that way; the other person will get the hint, and want your vitamin box at the same time.

This one also has 3 separate sections to put between 9-12 pills in.

Float Away With Me - Box: $11.00

This is a bit of a tall one, so this will fit easily 9-12 pills all in one section. Adorable, and totally worth every penny.

Steampunk Pill Box Case Gothic OWL: $35.00

 This has 2 large separate sections in it that can easily fit 12-15 different pills. This is adorable and looks so damn cool. Owls are always in still and adorable. Yes please!

Pill Organizer-4-dose Brown Fern Fossil Rock: $8.00

This has 4 separate sections that can fit about 8 pills in it. It's adorable the way it opens, and looks so damn cool. This looks so expensive, like you have a real large rock on top of it.

And of course, with the royal wedding only 2 days away, we need to prepare for the big event. You know what this means: HATS!

The English are known for their amazing headpieces and very fun hats. I adore them, and so I have found some very affordable ways for you to look posh and smashing for the big event!

Head Case

$50 or Less

The perfect color for spring and the perfect addition to any summer dress!

Adorable and classic. This is one your grandkids will wear!

UO Corsage Headband: $24.00

Another perfect piece in time for spring, as well as the wedding.

This has a very "Miss Pettigrew lives for a day" feel which is absolutely lovely.

And on Sunday I will be talking about the latest jewelry trends for the spring and the best ways to wear them for $50 or less.

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