Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to wear silk pants: $50 or Less

Good evening all you wonderful people out there! Tonight, I want to bring to you a trend that most, and yes even I, felt was rather ridiculous at first: silk pants. When I think of silk pants, I think of pajamas, and I've seen them worn before where it has felt like they've been wearing their pajamas out, which is not something you want to go for. I feel like silk pants are very wearable, depending on the fit to your body. It's very important they're in an unusual cut or fit so that they don't look like pj pants. All you need are the fuzzy slippers at that point, really.

Tonight, I'm going to show you an outfit as to how to wear silk pants. Remember, silk pants aren't for everyone, but if you decide to wear them, it's the details that are most important here.

How to wear silk pants


The trick to balancing out the lack of structure with the pant is to have a fitted top. You'd obviously buy a top that's not overly draping as then the outfit will just look really sloppy.

An adorable print and very easy to wear, so long as the other pieces have structure. If you so choose to wear a pair of fitted silk pants, then of course you can wear an overly slouchy top, etc. I just chose this pair for the example because they're very adorable.

These shoes are adorable and work perfectly with the outfit because they balance out the print of the pants and are very on-trend right now. The structure of the shoe helps with the flowy pant as well.

Total: $50.00

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