Thursday, August 18, 2011

You and I

In celebration of miss Gaga and her fantastic career, this morning I am going to post her latest video for her hit song "You and I", one of my favorites of hers since it has her distinctive flavor that makes you want to dance and maybe have a brawl at a bar.

You can see in this video a metamorphosis of her style once again, as she has one quite often, but you see her going to a softer side in this video, and you can see it in her outfits now as well; she is swinging from extreme Judas garb to softer styles and makeup. How long this will last, no one will know, but she is beautiful in the corn field with soft makeup and hair framing her face.

Something about the chase; 6 whole years

Gaga's videos always have a meaning behind them, and this one I believe, though I could be wrong, talks about the ups and downs of love in a relationship and going through pain and joy, but no matter what loving the one you're with. 

I think.

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