Thursday, August 11, 2011

Matisyahu: One Day

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing week. Due to midterms, I was unable to post Sunday. Technically I shouldn't be posting now since I have to be up in 4 hours for school all day, but this blog is my baby; it needs to be fed!

Tonight, I want to talk about a particular singer's style evolution: Matisyahu

I myself have gone through a major style evolution over the past 5 years and found a style that is uniquely me and works specifically for me and my body type, and my personality.

I saw Matisyahu perform this past weekend in San Diego for the first time and I am thoroughly in love. I have been ever since he came out many years ago: i bought his cd immediately and it was and still remains a favorite cd in my collection. Since I study fashion though, I was going through pictures a few nights ago and noticed something very interesting about Matthew Miller: he has gone through a major style evolution. When he first started out many years ago, he looked like a very traditional Hasidic Jew, but as we all know, he is anything but purely traditional.

In an interview I saw it said he was still trying to find his footing at first when he first started out, and it showed through with his traditional Hasidic garb and clothes that just didn't fit properly, whether it was proportionally or personality-wise.

More importantly, for the men, his style has evolved a great deal. When he first started out, he dressed conservatively, and still does, but you can see he know dresses with a style that speaks of confidence and that he has truly come into his own and become very comfortable with himself. He dresses like a fashionable man, and it's fantastic. His style is very much so traditional meets modern, wearing funky kicks with his yarmulke and payots and form-fitted shirts and jackets. He is a cool dad, and now has a style to show it.

Matisyahu is an inspiration, and someone i've always looked up to. He did not grow up Hasidic and found it difficult to find a connection to the Jewish community, which is something I've experienced for a long time. I even contemplated converting to Hasidism or Orthodox to find that sense of community and connect to my Judaism, but ultimately i've realized I can't wear long-sleeves and long skirts year round, it just wouldn't work with me. 

His journey is not one for everyone to follow, but it is his own unique one, and the world is a better place because of it.


Cool dad? Yes, I think so! I'd love a father with a style like his. His children are lucky to have him as a dad! And to give a shout out to Kenneth Cole for being so darn awesome:

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