Wednesday, December 7, 2011

JewelMint: Yes you should

Good evening lovelies! After a few weeks of getting ready for graduation, I decided to treat myself a week and a half ago when I found a coupon for a first-time purchase from a jewelry website called "". I had read about the website a few months ago in an article from Kate Bosworth, talking about the jewelry website she started with her friend. This website personalizes your page so that when you log on, you only see the kind of jewelry you're interested in. When you view each piece, the site shows a picture of a model wearing it underneath with an outfit to give you ideas as to how to style it. Once signed up for the website, you get to pick what styles you want to see and what you don't want to see. If they show you a piece you don't like, you can just simply remove it from your personal showroom and choose not to see anything in that style again.

What Kate and her friend does is bring you beautiful, interesting, and limited-edition jewelry for $30 for each piece, and the shipping is free both ways. What you can do is purchase each piece on your own, or sign up so that once a month you are automatically charged the $30 and you get a new piece of jewelry shipped to you.

You've probably heard something slightly similar to "JewelMint". That's because Rachel Bilson is working with a partner on ShoeMint, a sister site which brings you gorgeous and affordable shoes for only $80 a pair. (A bit too rich for my blood sadly; hence why I stick to Kate's site). There is also StyleMint, which the Olsen Twins design shirts for. Everything on this site is also $30, and the shipping is free both ways.

I find the concept brilliant as I am an accessories girl, always have been, always will be. I feel so unbelievably naked without a piece of jewelry on, and luckily Kate and her friend feel the same way.So last week I ordered myself a ring with a coupon that my first purchase would be $10, shipping being free of course too. I was hesitant: look at half the celebrity lines out there, they're crap and fall apart after a few days, but once I had my heart set on this ring, there was no turning back.

My purchase

This beautiful piece caught my eye immediately. It felt like an affordable and limited-edition heirloom was staring at me from the screen, screaming "Ashley, I'm only $10 and the shipping is free: do you really have to think about this?!". Needless to say, I caved, and I have never been happier that I did.

My experience

Possibly one of the most eye-catching rings on and off the finger. True to my fashion-happy self, I was excited to come home from class today. Not to take a nap, which I so desperately need. Not to eat or drink some water, which I also desperately needed. No, it was to put on my ring and revel in the beauty of it.

Each purchase comes in a beautiful case like this one.

And the best part is, it's so big you can store other jewelry in there as well!!!!

 I recommend buying from JewelMint for you, friends, family, and anyone that might need an extra bauble or two in their life!

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