Monday, December 12, 2011

Patience is a virtue

       Good evening lovelies! I want to bring you all some wonderful cheer this evening in the form of something really wonderful that will hopefully help you find a bit more patience with the stressful and long-hour holidays fast approaching.

       My classes are in North Hollywood about 10 minutes away from Studio City, which boasts a great deal of many wonderful shops, including a few of my favorites such as; Urban Outfitters and Free People. After class a few weeks ago I went to the Free People to return an order that didn't work out. Afterwards I wondered down to Urban Outfitters and saw they were  having 50% of their sale. Needless to say I immediately went in.

      While I was looking around in the Sale section, I found a beautiful floor-length floral chiffon dress that was gorgeous and needed to find a place on my clothing rack. When I tried everything on, it fit beautifully, but I discovered sadly that there was no tag on the dress, and no other dresses like it. When I was up front with the cashier, I asked the cashier about it and they went to go look in the Sale section to double-check. I waited 10 minutes while they looked, then they came back and said they'd go check in the back for price. Another 10 minutes went by before the cashier came back out. At that point it had been 20 minutes of me standing there waiting, but I just smiled sweetly despite my hunger raging inside me and my feet killing me from having been running around all day. The cashier looked at me, looked at the dress, then back at me. When the cashier did I simply smiled, apologized for the inconvenience, and said that I hope that the other customers don't make them run around as much.

      They suddenly put the dress in the bag, smiled, and only charged me for the other items I had. That dress retailed for somewhere between $70-$80, but the cashier said "You know what, here you go", and gave me a free dress.

      This is a rare occurrence but a prime example of how showering with kindness, even when you really don't want to, can pay out all kinds of rewards. That individual was very kind to me, gave me a free dress, and sent me on my merry little way. Probably not to hold up the lines at the store, and the dress was probably more trouble than it was worth, but  none the less, a free dress is nothing to joke about, especially an expensive one.

      That is why my lovelies, when you're rushing around like a chicken with your head cut off this mad holiday season, please keep in mind that kindness goes very very far, and it could land you a smile from an exasperated sales person, a helpful customer willing to help you with that heavy bag to your car, or even a free latte. You never know, but keep in mind that helping someone out with their day, or even just being a kind, quiet, polite customer will always win you points, even if it doesn't win you a free dress too.

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