Monday, August 12, 2013

National Elephant Appreciation Day

Good evening lovelies! Today was National Elephant Appreciation Day! For those who have never heard of it, it's the day where we celebrate the magnificent species that has survived for 50 million years on our beautiful planet. 

I am obsessed with elephants myself and love learning about them, as well as wearing beautiful pieces that showcase their amazing legacy. I've been told it's good luck if the trunk is up on whatever elephant-resembling item you own. 

National Elephant Appreciation Day 2013

For those who don't much about this beautiful species, you can find out how to get involved and learn more by visiting this website:

Or you can read one of  my favorite books of all-time, Elephantoms, written by a man exploring the history and nature of this species, as well as including a beautiful retelling of his first encounter with one and his life thereafter:

Or you can show your love by wearing a beautiful piece like this that is functional yet fun and starts a conversation usually by way of "Are those elephants? That's so cute!" (I'm speaking from personal experience on that one)

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