Monday, October 28, 2013

Last-Minute Halloween

I'm going to be honest with you, I completely forgot Halloween was this week until 2 days ago. Now with the clock ticking, it's time to get creative. 

What will I be this year? I'm leaning very heavily towards a cheesy 80's trainer. I have good workout gear, weights, and a whistle somewhere among my boxes packed in moving transition. I can get a cheap sweat headband from the Dollar Store, probably some knee-high socks too and tease my hair into all the poofy 80's glory that was. 

While my outfit isn't the funniest, I've seen a lot of original and funny ideas for costumes from all around the web. For your viewing pleasure, and maybe some last-minute costume ideas, look no further than below:

So easy and yet effective: I immediately want to start dancing.

You gotta admit, this guy is good.

Heisenberg-er, get it?

Amazing, and really easy too.

I suddenly want to find my Troll doll.

French Kiss - my friend Robbie showed me this one. One of my favorites.

And last, but never least, Google Maps!

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