Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fashion Trucks the way of the future?

I love food trucks, how about you?

For those of us that live in/near a city that has them, we know the joy they bring; carrying unusual and delicious food items to our businesses on lunch when Subway and Panera have become old hat. While many of us know the joy of those fantastic-cuisined food trucks, not many of us have heard of Fashion trucks. However, for the lucky citizens of Houston TX, fashion trucks are an expected and anticipated sight. In Houston, instead of choosing which unusual foods to sample, residents get to choose which stores to sample during their Fashion Truck Festival. Instead of ordering a Ramen Burger, residents get to order a size 8 pair of Marc Fisher stilettos, with a side of Coach sunglasses of course. 

This idea is a fresh and fun way to engage shoppers and get them excited about a store. Instead of shoppers having to drive from one shopping center to another, having a Fashion Truck Festival allows shoppers to view multiple boutiques without the extra travel time.

Selling out of a vehicle isn't a new concept by any means, but having a collective of stores putting together a bloc party on wheels is a really great way to get people excited about the exclusivity of the items that are being offered.

Here are some of my favorite Fashion Truck pictures. Maybe if this idea is brought to your local boutiques enough, they'll start a Fashion Truck Festival in your area too!

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