Friday, March 28, 2014

DailyCandy Says Goodbye

I've subscribed to an amazing lifestyle/fashion company for over 4 years now, and tonight while checking my emails, I read one of the saddest emails in existence- DailyCandy is shutting down for good on April 4th.

The funny, smart and amazing dream-worthy team that brought us the latest in fashion, food, music, etc, will be no more after 14 years.  I looked forward to my DailyCandy emails every week, and I loved every word they wrote. Their emails always made me smile, and their holiday sales were the stuff of legend. I satisfied many a brand-hungry friends for next to nothing thanks to their amazing discounts and free shipping codes. There was never a pointless email in the bunch - I would know, I've saved them all since I first started subscribing. I have an archive of every moment throughout the years, my favorites highlighted like my secret stack of magazines spanning the last 3 years sitting neatly in my closet.

DailyCandy was just that - my "sweet" fix, whether it be the latest sale to drool over, the latest workout to try, a great acoustic version of a great song, or just a fun outfit idea, those women knew how to  satisfy our cravings, without the extra calories.

They will be sorely missed <3 p="">

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