Thursday, March 27, 2014

And the most ethical company is...

Good morning! In case you haven't heard the news yet, the Ethisphere Institute has named their most ethical companies for 2014, and one of our favorite fashion stores is their #1: H&M! There were only 3 retailers on the list this year, and H&M made it! The huge fashion retailer takes it's spot on the top of the list due to it's categories of excellence:

1.) Ethics & Compliance

2.) Reputation

3.) Leadership & Innovation

4.) Corporate Citizenship & Responsibility

5.)  Culture of ethics

While I love H&M and have heard nothing about good things as far as working for them, it's interesting to me that the requirements for being #1 don't include production/manufacturing standards. With that being said, H&M is making leaps and bounds by creating a "Conscious Collection" for their stores that includes recycled fabrics coupled with organic/sustainable textiles.

These aren't your grandmother's Woodstock threads; these are a cool conscious collective of modern and chic, while helping save the planet too.

How do you feel about H&M being #1 for ethics? Do you agree with the Ethisphere Institute's decision?

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