Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coconut Oil Review

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year or so, you've probably heard about the health benefits of the miracle-substance coconut oil. It's been praised by magazines, celebrities, and fitness gurus alike for it's ability to cure many common ailments while costing next to nothing. A couple weeks ago I came across 4 different sources talking about it in one day, and I realized the universe was clearly trying to send me a sign to go try it out. It was either the universe or the best marketing agency known to man, so I decided to take the bait either way and walk over to my local health food store to pick up a jar of unrefined virgin coconut oil. This is the kind I picked up to try:

With my $12 jar of miracle mystery goo in tow, I went home to find out what I could do with it. I was amazed at all the uses I found. There were dozens, but these are the ones that were most common:

Common Uses

1.) It helps make hair smooth and shiny/fights split ends
2.)  It helps with indigestion/metabolism if you add it to your smoothies/food
3.)  It's a great moisturizer for your face/skin/nails
4.)  Eye makeup remover
5.)  Oil pulling with this helps improve acne and dental health 
6.)  Natural chapstick
7.)  Natural shaving lotion
8.)  Seasoning for cast iron skillets
9.) Great for frying since it has a high smoke point
10.) Natural mosquito repellant when mixed with other herbs

The interesting part is that coconut oil is not what you think it will be when you open the jar. It's not a runny traditional oil - unrefined coconut oil looks like wax. It's white and solid - you have to scoop it out of the jar.


1.) Hair Serum - I noticed a difference in my crazy frizzy hair immediately. Louisiana humidity is no joke, and this stuff really helped me manage my fro and make it look presentable. It didn't feel oily to the touch either once in my hair, which was really nice.

2.) - Stomach Aid - I suffer from serious indigestion and some other not-so-fun stomach-related problems, so I was excited to try this out. I experimented with a tablespoon of it in my smoothie, and I noticed my stomach felt really calm for the rest of the night, which is very rare lately. I recently used it in place of Earth Balance in my banana bread recipe, and my stomach reacted very positively. My stomach normally reacts a little funny to sweets and sweet breads, and this time I didn't get a stomach ache, so I definitely recommend substituting it in recipes.

3.) - Moisturizer - My skin is naturally a combination of oily and dry, so using it helped and hurt me. If you have oily skin, you skin will adjust to using it, but you will break out in the process. I don't have time to wait for my skin to stop breaking out. It was great on my body as a moisturizer, and even better on my nails as a cuticle oil.

4.) Makeup Remover -  It actually worked nicely in removing makeup, almost like a cold cream.

5. Oil Pulling - Since it's solid, I had to heat it up a bit to get it to be liquid-y. I have learned through this oil-pulling experiment that I have crazy sensitive gag reflexes. I tried coconut oil, didn't work. I tried olive oil, didn't work. I tried peanut oil, didn't work. I tried grapeseed oil, didn't work. When I say didn't work, I mean it barely got past my lips before my body forcefully expelled it back out into the kitchen sink and I proceeded to dry heave for 5 minutes thereafter. While oil pulling is said to have amazing abilities, I clearly will have to train long and hard to be successful at it.

6.) Natural Chapstick - It moisturizes, it just doesn't last for very long, but it definitely works while it's on.

7.) Natural Shaving Lotion - Very successful, and it left my legs smooth afterward. Extra bonus!

8.) Seasoning for cast iron skillets - My husband shooed me away. I brought the coconut oil to him while he was seasoning, and he grabbed his vegetable oil and wouldn't let me near his pans. I'm sure it works, just make sure to get to the pans first!

9.) Frying - I scooped a little bit into a pan and stir-fried some vegetables with 100% tasty success!

10.) Mosquito Repellant - I'm sorry to report, I have at least 5 mosquito bites to prove that this formula does not work. Then again, nothing really works in the deep south against mosquitoes. The mosquitoes down here never stop, never sleep, never even blink until they find a target and attack. While I'm sure in other places this mixture would work just fine, I'll stick to staying in when it gets dark.

Overall Review:

Coconut oil is amazing, and for all the things you can do with it, it's insanely inexpensive! It's worth every penny. <.3

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