Saturday, April 5, 2014

Good Fortune Saturday

Living with roommates can be challenging and immensely fulfilling.  Being immersed in other people's lives and connecting with others in a community setting is rewarding by itself. Then, sometimes, there are those moments of hidden treasure that comes from co-habitation, like being given an amazing, unexpected gift.

I've been really wanting a new piece of jewelry for a while now, but I always think "I don't need more jewelry, I need gas, or groceries, or electricity". So this morning, one of our roommates came home from the hotel he works at with the Lost & Found he was allowed to take. He grabbed a big bag of jewelry and gave it to me to sort through.
In the bag, I found 6 brand-new gorgeous pieces of Jewelmint jewelry. That's roughly the equivalent of $180.
Life has a funny and beautiful way of working out sometimes.

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