Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cupcake ATM's

So a few weeks ago, I spoke with a friend who recently flew back from LA, and she mentioned  what she saw while driving around the city. When she first mentioned it, I thought I was clearly delirious from lack of sleep, and then I realized she was actually being serious - she saw a cupcake ATM. 

Yes, the stuff of teenage fantasy, or 2am the night before finals after 7 cups of coffee when the lightbulb appears above your head with the best idea ever. I immediately ran to my computer to see if it's true, and it is! The entire time I was living in California, I never saw these. Clearly I never went down the right street.

The famous cupcake company Sprinkles started this amazing business venture. Co-founders Candace & Charles Nelson came up with the brilliant idea for a 24-hour cupcake ATM outside of their store in Beverly Hills. Luckily, they haven't stopped there; there are multiple locations throughout the country as shown on the map below.

If I'm lucky they'll open one up in New Orleans, but until then I can just dream about the day I can get a craving at 11pm and go buy a cupcake without having to wait in line.

Seriously, let's talk about the genius of this invention: people who work at inconvenient hours(like mwah) can still satisfy their sweet tooth, the company can make money 24/7, and the ATM itself is FREAKING adorable! Sweetest idea ever.

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