Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holiday Sets - MAC Brushes

It's that time of year again - you know, that time. The time when companies are rolling out their holiday sets, and if you're someone who works in close proximity to said awesomeness it's like being a kid left alone in a candy store with a credit card. (AKA - Slightly dangerous)

Luckily I have just a wee bit of self-control because I've only purchased one holiday set this year (so far). If you are going to get only one holiday set this year, I recommend the grand pooba of them all: a MAC Holiday Brush Set. If you happen to live near a MAC store, MAC counter, or have a Macy's/Dillard's/MAC giftcard that needs to see some action, go over or call them up and have them set a set aside one of the 3 brush set options they offer while they're still in pre-sale. This assures that you will 100% get a set when they go to regular sale. Each location only gets a certain amount for the pre-sale and sale. They're still in pre-sale right now in-store, but regular sale starts tomorrow - Thursday, October 23rd. If you don't feel like going into a store, they're available on the website here. When Thursday hits, all pre-sale items will go to regular sale, and any brush sets that are left over will probably be snapped up faster than rare beads in a Mardi Gras parade.

MAC isn't only offering brush sets though for this pre-sale; they're also offering eyeshadow sets, lipstick sets, and other accessories. All 3 brush sets are available for $52, and I chose a dual-fiber brush set that comes with 4 brushes. After tax it came out to be $57 and some change. If you're not completely familiar with MAC, you might be thinking "That seems kind of expensive for just 4 brushes, why did you buy that brush set?". Well let me tell you - because just one of those brushes in that set sells for $45 by itself. Add $12 and that gets me an extra 3 brushes. I like that math. 

The other 2 types of brush sets come with 5, yes 5 brushes. While I had my eye on the 5-piece, the 4-piece dual-fiber had the one brush to rule them all - AKA the BIG Dual Fiber Face Brush . The one I purchased my mother for her early Channukah present is a 5-piece black brush set that has synthetic hair on one side of the brush head, and real hair on the other. After some discussion, I learned something really wonderful about MAC - their brushes are cruelty-free. The real hair comes from shaving a horse's belly. No harm comes to the animal, he just gets a little haircut on his belly and then goes on with his day. That made me smile, and I hope it makes you smile too, because all I imagine is a horse with a cute bare belly running through the fields happy after his haircut (I imagine this because I'm always happy after my haircuts - it's like losing 10lbs without lifting a finger)

These are the other 2 brush sets available, so if you're shopping for that special woman in your life, or mother, or sister, or awesome boss you want to impress, this is the way to go. Each set has an amazing combination of brushes for a really wonderful price tag. <.3

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