Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lime Crime Makeup

Hey lovelies! I don't think I've talked about this passion very much on my blog, but I am actually a big makeup fanatic. I've really gotten into it in the last year to get myself past my high school go-to routine of "make my skin look clear, put some gloss on my lips and go" look. I took a makeup class last November and that taught me the basics of what kinds of brushes to use with which products, etc, but what's really helped me broaden my horizon and made me want to play has been my Ipsy subscription, surfing Youtube tutorials, and stumbling around on Instagram and Twitter. There have been so many different products and companies that I've found  and continue to find out about that way.

Case in point: last week I was stumbling around on Instagram (I looooove looking at the makeup pictures people submit) and I saw the handle #limecrime. I thought "That's an interesting handle". Turns out, it belongs to the company Lime Crime Makeup, and while I love every single company I've found out about in the last year, I'm over the moon about stumbling across Lime Crime. Their packaging and product colors make me really excited; it reaches this nostalgic, little girl excitement that I used to get whenever I'd find Lisa Frank items. I've always been really attracted to bright colors and glittery and metallic things, so this makeup company seems like something I would've gone crazy for as a kid. The fun part is though that it's quality affordable makeup made for adults, which makes it that much more exciting.

Lime Crime Makeup

This is the CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, and I am so in love with this girl's style it's not even funny. I owned a pair of sunglasses like that until about 2 years ago when I accidentally sat on them :-( . I'd wear her top/dress/garment, and while I can't pull off bright blue, I'd wear my hair bright red because if I'm going to wear my hair red, it's going to be bright. 
 This is their nail polish, it's only $8 and oh my goodness, UNICORNS! I understand that I'm an adult, but UNICORNS!

Their carousal gloss is only $17 and looks like something out of The Nutcracker. For someone who has had visions of sugar plums dance through their head, YES PLEASE!

Their Zodiac Glitter is $13 and not only can you wear it on your eyes, but also in your hair! This is the color for Virgo; it starts out white but then turns violet-blue when you apply it. This is definitely going on my Channukah list because I suddenly feel like I need this.

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