Monday, December 21, 2009


Good morning lovelies! I hope you all are getting ready and excited! Christmas is only 4 days away! It's so hard to believe how fast this year has flown by. It feels like yesterday was Thanksgiving.

For you lovelies today, I have a lot of goodies! First and foremost, a Look for Less, and then some last minute gift ideas online as well as the sites with Free Shipping and coupons for you all.

Look For Less

I've watched all of 5 minutes of The Hills, but I always see Audrina Patridge online or in the magazines. I must admit, the girl has an eye for fashion. She has an amazing style, but I will say this right now, I chose this outfit because she is one of the ONLY people i have EVER seen that can wear high-waisted jeans. High-waisted jeans are quite literally almost impossible to pull off. They are meant for those with very few curves and no meat on them. I wanted to make this outfit available to everyone; those who have curves and those who don't.

I know a lot of people will see this outfit and say "Hmm, maybe I can wear high-waisted jeans.". Ladies, before you invest in a pair, you need to know your body. Look at Jessica Simpson. She's gorgeous, not fat at all, just curvy. She wore a pair of high-waisted jeans and she is still being ridiculed for it to this day. High-waisted jeans are not forgiving. They highlight every flaw.

That is why I brought to you this outfit modified for every woman for $50.


Outfit Prices:
Red Satin Pleat Front Top: $18.63
American Living Front Flap Pocket Jeans: $17.99
Women's Mossimo Pearlie Gladiator Sandals: $10.48

Total: $47.10

Now, I know the jeans I chose may raise a bit of a question since they do appear to be a bit high-waisted as well. Let me clarify by saying a bit of a high-waist is ok so long as it sits below the problem area. The jeans that Audrina Patridge chose, as well as most very high-waisted jeans, appear as though they would fall right across most women's problem area in the stomach, which would only highlight the problem, not hide it. The jeans I chose have a dark wash which will make the legs appear slimmer and they go just a little higher than most low-cut jeans. A lot of women don't feel comfortable wearing very low-rise jeans, so these are the perfect solution for everyone. If you're craving a bit of a high-waist, these are low enough to not highlight any problem areas, but still high enough to give you that taste of a high-waist.

Now time for some last minute shopping ideas!!

Holiday Gifts: $50 or less!

Lovely People: $29.97

Everyone needs a pair of red fringe sandals. These would be especially hot at a Christmas party with a black mini dress, black tights and hammered silver hoops. Ooooo. Do it.

The Sash: $16

This is flattering for every woman of every age, and it's such a steal for only $16! Yaaay American Apparel!

Holly Earrings: $10

I LOVE Betty B! I have personally met the owner Donna and she is a wonderful woman on a wonderful mission with her store. I recommend all of you to check out her website or if you're in Ventura, check out her store right off of Main St. She has the most amazing things, and her pieces are all such steals for being hand-made works of art!

Website Deals

Free shipping everyone for all orders! Just enter the code FREESHIPNOW at checkout.

Free shipping upgrade. Order by the end of today and your order will be upgraded to priority mail for free!

Free shipping upgrade. Order by the end of today and your order will be upgraded to 2nd day delivery. Just enter 10US2SHP at checkout.

Free shipping on all orders. Order by today and your order will be guaranteed to get to your place by December 24th!!!

Free shipping on orders of $50 or more. When you place an online order, enter BEBARE at the checkout and you'll receive Bare Escentuals Foundation for free along with your order.

Order by today and get free ground shipping guaranteed to your place by December 24th!

Alright lovelies, I have given you all the tools you need to succeed while last-minute shopping. Spend your time wisely and remember, shop around!

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