Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twas 2 days before Christmas

Hello again lovelies! It the Wednesday before Christmas, and I have a TON of goodies for you all! I spent today putting together goodies for you.

Today I have more shoes than you could ever possibly imagine, and trust me, you will want them all. I also went through a friend's wardrobe and put together an outfit for $50 to give you all some ideas on how to work with what you have, and then I have some last minute gift ideas for $50 or less.

First off, my friend's lovely outfit!

Outfit Pieces

- Green Satin Dress: Bought at Papaya $15
- Lace Leggings: Bought at Charlotte Russe $5
- Snakeskin Shoes: Bought at June $25
- Colorful Cross Necklace: Bought at an antique store $5

Total: $50

I chose this specific combination for a reason: to have fun! There are a lot of different textures in this outfit; the satin dress, the lace leggings, and the snakeskin of the shoes, but this combination is a fun, funky take on a traditional holiday party outfit. Don't be afraid to try new combinations of patterns or textures, just make sure that if you are going to do everything with a different textures and patterns, that at least one item or article is of a smaller print or of a solid color so that you can have a base for the rest of the outfit. While the dress is a different texture, it's a solid color, so it still provides a base and pulls the outfit together.

And now time for shoes!!!! (You can never have enough. This is a scientifically proven fact)

Shoes: $50 or less!!
Free Shipping on all orders!!!

Miss Me Sunkist Studded Pump: $19.94

An adorable kitty heel with metallic flair. Could it get any better? I think kitty heels are the perfect solution for work shoes because there's still a slight heel, but it's not too high so your feet won't be crying by the end of a shift.

Miss Me Sunkist Pointed Toe Pump: $19.94

For those that just want a basic, two-toned pump for work, I say no look no further than these. Kitty heel: check, two-toned amazing colors: check, amazing price: check.

Miss Me Vernice Satin Platform Pump: $24.94

I have a bit of a system; my skin tone won't permit me to wear about 99.9% of the shades of; yellow, red, orange, green, brown, and any pastels. This is a bit restricting for me, soooo, I instead get accessories in the colors that I can't wear in my regular clothing. That way, I can still wear those colors, just in smaller doses to wear they don't make me look like I'm terminally ill.

Dollhouse Jacosa Beaded Platform Pump: $24.94

These with some black tights and a cute black mini, or sans tights and just a mini, any color would be the most amazing holiday party outfit. A wooden platform pump goes with any color, any outfit, any occasion, trust me. Invest in a pair, they will quickly become as indispensable as your black flats.

Holt Leather Zipper Bootie: $55

Alright, now I know these are a little bit more than $50, BUT they are the hottest booties I have EVER seen, and they're only $5 more. I was debating with myself for a little while about putting them in here, but then I realized that the world needs to know about these shoes. I know I always talk about how much I want everything in my blog, and trust me, I want it all, but I'm not kidding when I say when I get my next paycheck, these boots are mine.

These boots are absolutely fantastic for multiple reasons: A.) A thick heel for added comfort. B.) Ombre in subtle colors so they will go with everything. C.) The zipper detail in the front for a bit of punk-rock bohemian attitude.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas!!

Imperial Highness Pin: $7.99

This pin will be the perfect touch to any structured blazer, purse, or to even just a simple cardigan that needs a bit of flair.

Pearl Stretch Charm Bracelet with Skull: $35.00

This bracelet is the perfect addition to any outfit simple outfit. It's striking yet not overpowering, and it's feminine with a touch of kick-ass attitude that every girl has.

Cara Accessories Neon Stud Wrap Bracelet: $24.50

Looking for a pop of color with a dose of attitude? Look no further lovelies. A lot of people perceive studded things to only be for the "punk" or "goth" groups, but honestly, anyone can wear studded accessories, especially ones like these. They're fun and funky! The perfect gift for anyone!*1*96*-1*-1*7

Peasant-Tied Cardigan: $19.99

For only $20, this is an amazing gift. I will say this right now though lovelies, be very careful with looser clothing such as this. This isn't big by any means, but if you are buying this keep in mind the body type you're buying for. This type of cardigan is not best for someone who is a pear shape or has wider hips, unless they like accentuating that part of their body, but I do warn you lovelies that this cardigan will add to the hip area. Also, I recommend wearing this with a belt if you're incredibly tiny or larger so it accentuates your waist and you don't get lost in the fabric.

Alright lovelies, time to get spread some holiday cheer! Remember, drive carefully, give yourself an extra hour if you're traveling through major cities, drive slowly in the crazy weather and most of all, have fun!

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