Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday Suit

Hello lovelies! I know I said that I would only post once a week, but since yesterday's post was the introduction, I believe that this will be my first official post. Also, there is a very big event going on today; it's my 21st birthday!

To kick off my first official post the right way, I'm going to do a Day to Night with my birthday outfit for today.

Before I get into that though, one of my dear friends and roommate just made a blog a little while ago devoted to makeup. This is her blog and I recommend everyone going over and checking it out. She is the makeup queen and will be doing my makeup for this evening!!!

Now to get down to business! I know it can be quite difficult transitioning an outfit from day to night, especially when you're on a budget for any reason. When one is planning an outfit for someone like me (AKA - Incredibly spontaneous and last minute), it can be even more challenging because you're not sure what to expect. Today is my 21st birthday, and I have no plans for this evening. Instead of trying to tie everyone down to a specific time, I've decided to just let the day take me where it may. This is why I've created a full proof, easy transitioning outfit that can go from day to night (No matter what the night may bring).

I've found the key concepts to any outfit are the accessories and the shoes. You can put on the most beautiful outfit in the world, but put on the wrong shoes and it's a total disaster. Same goes for the accessories. You can put on the most hideous clothing, but add the right accessories and it makes them spectacular.

I am also a creature of comfort, and that especially goes for my soles. After many trials and errors I have found the perfect solutions to be comfortable on my feet, no matter where I go.

For the whole day, I will be wearing a lovely gray halter dress that I was able to snag on sale at Tj Maxx for $2. They're having MAJOR sales right now. With just a little time and stamina, there are some serious treasures to be found on those racks!

Daytime outfit

Daytime Outfit:
Dress - $2
Sequined scarf - Free (Found while rummaging through clothes my mom was throwing out)
Gold heart necklace - Free (Found in storage bin while cleaning it out)
Gold & Silver star necklace - $5 (Sale bin in an antique store)
Boots - $15 (Christmas clearance w/free shipping on
Socks - $1 (Kmart)
Purse - $20 (The Water Monkey. Portsmouth, NH)
Earrings - $1 (Baras Thrift Store. Point Loma, San Diego)
Blue Ring - $5 (Ganesh Imports. Portsmouth, NH)
Silver & Sapphire Ring - Free (Valentine's day present from my boyfriend)
Total: $49

If you know you're going to be walking around anywhere, flat boots such as mine are the best solution to a shoe dilemma. Boots are incredibly comfortable, and the combination of a sweet dress with tough boots is completely flattering on anyone and perfect for these in between months.

Now, it may seem weird to some to wear a sequined scarf during the daytime, but I personally love skinny scarves, like that sequined one. I get warm very very easily, but since it is starting to cool down a bit and we will be going to a casino during the day, at some point the AC will get to me and I will get cold. Scarves are marvelous because they're less bulky than sweaters to carry around, and they work just as well. That scarf may seem little, but when I wrap it around my neck I instantly get warmer and add a bit of bling to my outfit. I recommend for the in between months such as September and October, instead of grabbing a sweater before running out the door, grab a skinny scarf. It'll be easier to carry around and still keep you warm and looking chic.

Nighttime Outfit

Nighttime Outfit:
Dress - $2
Gold heart necklace - Free
Blue & White necklace - Free (Borrowed from my mother, indefinitely, with her knowledge)
Red Coach Purse - Free (Found while rummaging through our storage bin)
Sequined Scarf - Free
Stuart Weitzman heels - $40 (Super sale at Nordstrom Rack)
Silver & Purple ring - Free
Orange ring - 50 cents (Sale bin at Claire's)

Total: $42.50

It may seem strange to choose a pair of very high heels when I have no idea what I'm going to be doing in the evening, but to be honest, they're one of the most comfortable pairs of heels I have ever been in. While super high, they somehow maintain absolute comfort. I have worn those shoes to work for 8 hours and only begun to feel discomfort when my shift was over. Stuart Weitzman makes the most comfortable shoes. His shoes are the best choice if you're going to be going out to a bar or club because you can run around in them, feel comfortable and still look absolutely stunning.

And that my lovelies, is how you take a simple piece, such as the gray halter, from day to night for $50 or less.

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