Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Hello again lovelies! I hope you all have been having a wonderful week and enjoying this cooler weather that's finally settling in. I know I have. =)

I apologize lovelies; I wanted to do a Day to Night with my new top that I blogged about last week, but my roomies are out of town and they have the camera that I've been using. I should probably invest in one if I'm going to keep up this blog, huh?

Not to worry though, I have a delicious little bit for you today; a Look for Less! I know, finally! I said I would do one eventually and now I have no choice. I guess everything happens for a reason.

Celebrity Outfit

I really quite adore Leighton Meester's style. Actually, I adore the styles of all of the girls from Gossip Girl, but this outfit really caught my attention. Maybe it's the taboo of the whole white-after-labor-day thing, or just the utter ease and simplicity of the way she wears it. Either way, I have found a way to bring it to you for $50.

Look For Less

Item List:

White Skinny Jeans - $9.99 - Old
Sheer White T - $6.99 -
White Scarf - $6.98 - (I apologize, the scarf does come in white but it wouldn't let me view the picture of it)
White Sandals - $9.99 -
Blue Purse - $14.99 -
Silver Charm Bracelet - $1.99 -

Total: $50.92

Now run lovelies! Quickly and snatch up these items before they're all sold out and go rock white after Labor Day with your bad self. =)

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