Saturday, September 19, 2009

Treasure from afar

Hello again lovelies! Time for another installment of Thrift Addict!

This week I will be talking about a hot item that I found recently and tying in one of the latest trends for this fall.

So, as you all know, last Friday was my 21st birthday. I live down in San Diego while my mother lives in Ventura. As a belated birthday gift from her, I drove up to visit her, stayed for a few days and relaxed. While up there I happened upon the Urban Oufitters in downtown Ventura and found them to be having a major sale going on right now. They have one online as well which I have browsed through a bit, but the real treasure is what I found in the store.


This lovely lovely Silence & Noise top is on sale for $9.99. This is a major steal and I genuinely urge every girl to run to the nearest Urban Oufitters and snatch one before they're all sold out. When I first saw it hanging on the rack, I was a bit hesitant because ruffles on a bigger girl normally isn't such a good idea, but the print really attracted my attention and I figured "Why not".

Honest to goodness, this top will flatter every single body type and shape. The back of the top is just black & blue horizontal stripes. The front is absolutely perfect for any girl with a bit of a tummy bulge or a smaller chest, or an uneven chest that wants to even the girls out. The ruffles completely camoflouge any imperfection going on in the front and the back stripes help give a nice, smooth back. The wonderful thing is that you don't need a layering tank top underneath. I always wear a layering tank, but this top looks absolutely perfect without one.

This tank top is also perfect if you want to wear the Ruffles trend. Ruffles are huge right now; they're coming out everywhere and this top is just spot-on. It also plays a bit into the 80's trend that is still really popular. Bright colors and funky prints are really big and this top makes that trend flattering for every girl.

Ok now lovelies, time to run run run! Snatch one quickly before they're all gone! You'll be sorry if you wait too long.

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