Monday, February 22, 2010

9 Trends Analysis

Good evening lovelies! Or in some parts of the world, it's already morning! I love how we're in the same country, but it's different times all over.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week; I have had a very crazy one! I have been hired on as a Merchandiser for Cirque Du Soleil! The show that's coming to San Diego is called Kooza.

Here's a commercial for it:

I'm so very excited, and the best part is, I get to wear all black. The bad part about that is is that since I've moved out to California, my black has dwindled quite pittifully.

When I was living back east, I could wear black for a good 2 weeks straight, different outfits and tops, recycling pants a few times of course, but it could be done. Before I went up to my mother's last week, the black that I had was pitiful. I couldn't go for a week wearing black. Thankfully, I have acquired wayyyy more black! Now all I'm working on is the shoes. All black comfortable, cute shoes are not easy to find, contrary to popular belief.

Tonight lovelies, I'm going to discuss an article I found with you. I'm almost certain that some of you, if not all of you, read this article. This was featured on the homepage of

This article features 9 popular trends that are everywhere on runway. I want to discuss these with you before you run out and buy them lovelies.

9 Trends
Trend #1: Paneled Leggings

This is an excellent trend and a very fun one. I do recommend having a pair of patterned tights, whether it's panels or butterflies. Do be very careful though if you intend to wear these into the office. Of course it depends on what industry you work in and where you work, but just to be on the safe side, be very mindful of what kind of patterns and colors you buy if you intend to use these for night AND day.

Trend #2: Printed Shorts

These are a great trend for the coming Spring & Summer, but remember to shave and wax ladies! Also, pay very close attention to the type of pattern you choose for your shorts. ALWAYS try them on if you're uncertain, but DO try new, fun colors and patterns. These are so much fun and add just an amazing pop to any outfit.

Trend#3: Silver Sequins

Contrary to popular belief, you actually can wear sequins to work. Sequins are definitely not confined to the nightlife. Of course, you can't wear a whole top of sequins. It would have to be a small dose, but sequins are very fun to play with, and done in the right way, can look great on every body type. If you're a little nervous about diving into a full-blowing piece of sequins, try an accessory first, such as a headband or a brooch.

Trend #4: Grey Sweatpants

I have an issue with sweatpants of any kind, unless they're jodhpurs. Those are the ONLY grey sweatpants I would wear. I think these look very sloppy and should be kept to workouts and padding around the house. This trend is very bad. I understand that they're comfortable, but that's like wearing pajamas to school. NO! BAD!

Trend#5: Bold Neons

Neons are wonderful and so much fun, but be very careful not to overdo it. If you want to wear more than one neon in multiple pieces, make sure to do only 2 or 3 at most with neons, and then have the rest be dark or neutrals. I've done the whole outfit with neon thing, and trust me, it's very hard on the eyes. If you want to do solids and do accessories, you can have a bit more fun with the accessories. If you are wearing a bold neon patterned piece(s), be mindful that the jewelry should be toned down.

Trend #6: Striped Tops

Striped tops are a classic. Everyone should own one, guys, girls, EVERYONE. They're very easy and chic to throw on. Just be careful if you're a larger girl and you want to do wear the top in a more "loose" way, be careful that it looks chic and trendy, rather than sloppy. It's very easy to stripes to add weight if done in the wrong way.

Trend#7: Polka Dots

Polka dots really never go out of style. They are a timeless classic, and they are SOOOO much fun! Really and truly, polka dots can be worn by anyone, any size, and incorporated into any style. They're very bold, yet can be so many different things and worn so many different ways. If you're a little uncertain about polka dots, but want to try,

Trend#8: Traffic Cone Orange

I adore this color. I unfortunately do not have the skin tone to pull off this color is large amounts. For me, this color is only limited to accessories. For those of you that can pull off this color and look amazing, I envy you very much. This is a very fun color, and when done in the right way, can definitely go from day to night very easily.

The one thing to remember with a color this bright, is that it's usually best when paired with neutrals and darks, such as gray and white, as shown in the pictures. NEVER do a whole outfit of this color. It would be the worst overkill because this color is SO bright and striking. If you want to pair other neons with it, make sure to do the others in small doses, such as a necklace, or a ring, or a purse. You don't want another large piece of neon, such as hot pink pants or a neon yellow sweater. That would just be too much.

Trend#9: Anoraks

Now this particular trend is a double-edged sword. Yes, anoraks are very comfortable and warm, which is why they're very popular. The problem with large, bulky jackets is that usually the individual gets lost in the jacket. I've seen pictures of beautiful, curvy women who aren't big put on the wrong kind of jacket and immediately gained 10-15 pounds just from the jacket.

The thing to remember with jackets such as these is, if you're bigger, you need to go with less puffiness. WAY less puffiness. In general, you shouldn't be going for ultra puffy and massive because your entire body will get lost under the puff. Be very mindful when trying on and purchasing this kind of jacket; pay attention as to how it makes you look. If you're going just for comfort and warmth, by all means, puff away, but if you actually want to look good in your jacket, just pay attention to how the jacket makes you look. You may have to search a little bit longer for that jacket that is the perfect blend of warmth and style, but I can guarantee you'll feel so much better going outside, being warm and KNOWING you look amazing.

Alright lovelies, I hope all of you have an amazing week until Wednesday. This week I will be starting to discuss body types and the best way to dress for yours. I promise you all will love your body so much more once you understand it. =)

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